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Message 48531 - Posted: 11 Sep 2023, 11:55:01 UTC

Due to a recent incident regarding heavy forum rule violations I'm authorised to publish the following reminder.

CERN as well as LHC@home as part of it stands for respect, tolerance and freedom of speech.
This basic rules also apply to this forum.

To make it more precise a moderation page lists examples of what is expected or not:
Our message boards are moderated. Posts are subject to the following rules:

- Posts must be 'kid friendly': they may not contain content that is obscene, hate-related, sexually explicit or suggestive.
- No commercial advertisements.
- No links to web sites involving sexual content, gambling, or intolerance of others.
- No messages intended to annoy or antagonize other people, or to hijack a thread.
- No messages that are deliberately hostile, threatening, or insulting.
- No abusive messages involving race, religion, nationality, gender, class or sexuality.
- Posts that violate these rules may be deleted.
- The posting privileges of violators may be suspended or revoked.
- If your account is suspended, don't create a new one.

Unfortunately from time to time there are individual persons who violate the rules.
Sometimes accidentally or in the heat of a discussion but sometimes by intention and to test how far they can go.

For the first category it usually has no consequences.
Far from it! Everybody should feel encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions.

This does not apply to the 2nd category.
- violators will be asked to respect the rules, sometimes more than once
- if they refuse to do so they may be banished, temporarily or even permanently

Recently one of those 2nd category violators, let's call him 'John Doe', has been banished temporarily for using swearwords many times over a longer period of time. John has been made aware several times and has also been asked several times to strictly respect the forum rules but he decided to send more and even stronger swearwords as well as 'best' wishes to other people. It shouldn't be repeated here what he sent.
He even activated a wingman to post own comments supporting John.
Thus, last week John has been banished temporarily.

Of course this is not the end of the story.
John didn't accept the banishment and used all his knowledge to immediately create a shadow account, let's call it 'James Doe'.
Thus, James was able to post comments - and he did - while John was banished.

This also violates the forum rules above.
Your shadow account has been identified soon after you created it.
It can be tracked although you 'located' James in a different country and tried to hide him behind a VPN.

You are now asked to immediately stop using 'James' for any activity.
Delete 'James' yourself within the next few days or the account will be deleted forcefully.

Resistance is futile.
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Message boards : Number crunching : Recent Forum Rule Violations

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