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Message 35977 - Posted: 20 Jul 2018, 20:21:46 UTC

Upgraded three hosts to BOINC 7.12.1 from 7.10.2 today. Upgrade went fine. Rebooted computers Tasks seemed to go fine then on one machines all the tasks started stopping at 73 - 74% with this message, moving to the next task, getting to 73-74% and stopping, etc. It now has 30+ tasks all stuck between 73-74%. The other server didn't even try, they all say postponed at 0%. Tried upgrading VBox to latest version, didn't help.

The two machines this was happening on are Server 2012 R2 with plenty of RAM/Disk/CPU. Both were doing multiple 8 CPU WU's. They were running great before this upgrade. A Windows 10 machine with the same upgrade is working fine on 2 CPU WU's.

I shut down BOINC on both servers, uninstalled 7.12.2, uninstalled VBox, and restarted. Reinstalled VBox 5.2.8 and BOINC 7.10.2 and rebooted again. Both came back up fine and started processing tasks again although I lost my progress on the majority of them.

Not sure what they did in 7.12.2 but something isn't right either in the new BOINC client or in this projects wrapper. Hopefully someone else can test and confirm the same issue.
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Message 35979 - Posted: 21 Jul 2018, 7:16:58 UTC - in response to Message 35977.  

You may consider to make your computers visible for other users.
This would give the experts a chance to examine the logs.

To do so, navigate to and check the box near "Should LHC@home show your computers on its web site?".
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Message 36047 - Posted: 25 Jul 2018, 15:37:55 UTC

I managed to run a few with success, I have virtual box 5.2.16.

What I have found for my computer with ATLAS is it's very sensitive, when I ran 1 core wu then I think it could not handle running many VMs at the same time, as per you I have plenty resources etc. with 2 CPU WU's I seem to be having less issues.
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