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Tony Maughan

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Message 34885 - Posted: 5 Apr 2018, 15:51:43 UTC

The last few days I have been getting near 100% failure on Atlas Simulation WU's. They run for a few minutes, typically 6 to 10, before aborting with the above message. I am running Linux Mint 18.3 with Kernal 4.13.0-38, and have updated Virtualbox to version 5.2.8 with no difference in outcome. Hardware is AMD Athlon X4 845 CPU and Radeon R7 240/340 GPU with 16 Gb's of memory. Is the fault with me, or is it something more general ? I have paused work for LHC in hopes of finding an answer.
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Message 34886 - Posted: 5 Apr 2018, 16:25:38 UTC - in response to Message 34885.  

The server sent ATLAS (native) to your hosts which may not be the app you wanted to run.

Did you deselect "Run test applications?" in the project's web preferences?
If you deselected it and still get ATLAS (native) a restart or a walk through Yeti's checklist (pos. 4 and 5) may be required.
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Message boards : ATLAS application : Computation Error

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