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Doris and Jens ("We: Doris aka Hexe and Jens aka TheBigJens live in the North of Germany in the lovely...")
Laguna ("I started to work for distributed computing in 1997 with the SETI@Home project. Afterwards...")
Bananeweizen ("Around 1999 I got curious about distributed computing after having seen and installed the...")
FalconFly ("Present GEOREF Location : 5335N 00745E, 30' MSL Country Ident : Germany Current...")
Yeti ("I'm a cruncher since early times of Seti@Home and started to crunch in early 2000. Since...")
irzyxel ("no idea what to write. plainly, i justed wanted to be able to become user of the day ;P")
Marco Feindler ("I´m a network administrator from germany - heidelberg, 28 years old, working at a software...")
bjacke ("Hallo my name is Sebastian and I live in the capital of Germany, Berlin. I was born here in...")
Thomas Krajewsky
aLGee ("About myself: My name is Lars Gruenheid, I am born Oct 16, 1982. I am living in Germany...")

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