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Last updated 11 Dec 2017, 16:20:21 UTC

Yeti ("I'm a cruncher since early times of Seti@Home and started to crunch in early 2000. Since...")
Yavin ("I'm a 24 old student of computer sience live in Germany near the beautiful Lake of...")
Yeti-Hunter ("I wouldn´t like to tell something about me.")
Yank ("Born in Brooklyn, NY a few years ago (1938) and now live in a very small town in Arkansas....")
Yoann GINI ("Hi folks, My name is Yoann Gini, I\\\\\\\'m a french freelancer, Mac specialist, you can...")
yo2013 ("I'm a 39 years old Spanish mathematician (but I work as a translator now). I run BOINC...")

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