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Description Are you unsure that a theory of everything exists? Do you feel that quantum field theory and general relativity are too different to be united? Does the idea that the Universe can be described by ONE theory/equation seem excessively ideological? Are you frightened by monists (i.e. string theorists)? Do lists of unending questions make you uneasy? Then No-TOE may be the team for you. Perhaps at the event horizon of a black hole, instead of finding a unification of classical and quantum theories, one finds a complementarity - a superposition of both. If QFT is background dependent and has meaningful effects at the small scale, and GR is background independent and has meaningful effects on the large scale, maybe they need each other and cannot exists independently while at the same time are impossible to amalgamate. These ideas come about due to a dissatisfaction with the current approach, as well as a feeling that TOEs and GUTs are attributes that the Universe doesn't NEED, but that humans want to the point of obsession. This team is committed to exploring a different perspective. While there is a good possibility it is total bunk, it might do us good not to put all our eggs in one basket.
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