1) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Whatever happened to LHC@home....apologies and thanks. (Message 21430)
Posted 16 Jul 2009 by dividedbymyself
After reading this post: http://www.gridpp.ac.uk/news/-1247061450.258849.wlg

I here by declare lhc@home dead

As far as I know lhc@home was never meant to crunch the data coming from the experiments. As explained somewhere else in this forum people would need to install a sppecialized OS to run the apps. I think most lhc crunchers use their computer for other purposes as well, so it won't be worth the effort to distribute it throug boinc I guess.
Maybe they need us to do some adjusting and culculating the beams again in the future. In the mean time there's a lot more to do on Boinc. I won't lay awake one second over it if this project would be dead. If they don't need my computers, then they're doing something else. If they need my computers, they're ready to receive the work.


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