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Posted 24 Oct 2013 by Profile BHoovsU

WTF?? Here we are on the brink of losing thousands of hours of CPU time and all you can say is that you hope somebody here will fix this soon?

Hey, numbnut, what we need to hear is that you got whoever it is that can fix this on the phone 2 minutes ago and he's on the case NOW. The only thing you should be hoping for is that we don't all detach this sorry excuse for a project and send you begging for a grant from Bill and Melinda Gates so you can PAY FOR YOUR TASKS TO BE CRUNCHED.

This is a Volunteer project to donate your computer time. Sometimes there are system issues and from time to time, every project has issues of one sort or another. After a while they get corrected and life moves on. No one is handing out cash prizes for crunching numbers. There is no Smack talk. This is about making a better world for all.

So, please try to be a little couth when issues occur. If you had a bad day, go get some exercise, you'll feel better. If you want to complain. Drop the project, there are 116,639 other volunteers who will be understanding and civil when it comes to technical issues when dealing with analyzing data from the most complex machine ever created by man.

So unless you can plan to fly to the servers and fix the problems yourself, !!!SHUSH!!!
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Posted 30 Apr 2013 by Profile BHoovsU
Yeah, I haven't seen a project in more than a month.

3) Message boards : News : Dynamic Aperture Tune Scan (Message 25520)
Posted 20 Apr 2013 by Profile BHoovsU
Any news on new work? I haven't seen anything form LHC@home in weeks. I'm still knocking out the test4theory projects but was hoping to do more. Please let me know. Barry
4) Message boards : News : Status and Plans, Saturday 29th September, 2012 (Message 24891)
Posted 14 Oct 2012 by Profile BHoovsU
I know this may be a little bit off topic, but I noticed that the boinc all project stats hasn't been updated for LHC in 302 days according to my profile page. It shows me at 7050 in credits when I actually have 46945 credits. Can you please check on that? Barry Hoover(BHoov)


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