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Posted 25 Jan 2008 by superempie
Thanks, nice to read this.

22) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc farms. (Message 18830)
Posted 12 Jan 2008 by superempie
Ok, here is my stuff:

- HP XW6000, 2x 2,4GHz Intel Xeons, 4GB mem
- Dell Precision 450, 2x 2,4GHz Intel Xeons, 2GB mem
- HP XW6200 motherboard, 2x Intel Xeons 3,0 GHz (800MHz FSB), 2GB mem

One or two are mostly 24/7 active and at the moment they are waiting for new LHC@Home jobs! ;)
23) Questions and Answers : Windows : Workunits finished in approx. 1 second (Message 18738)
Posted 18 Dec 2007 by superempie
Thanks for the information. Won't report them again and will continue crunching future wu's when they are available. :)

24) Questions and Answers : Windows : Workunits finished in approx. 1 second (Message 18735)
Posted 18 Dec 2007 by superempie
Lately I see workunits completing in a matter of seconds in stead of the normal times I usually see on my PC's. I have found this behaviour on different PC's, even after resetting the project. Is this normal behaviour or is something serious at hand?

I am running multiple projects and my BOINC version is 5.10.28 on all PC's. OS is Windows XP with the latest updates. Windows event logs are clean, or have warnings/errors not related to BOINC and Sixtrack.

System configs:
1) HP XW6000 workstation, 2x 2,4 GHz Xeons, 4GB ECC REG memory, 2x SCSI harddisks, nVidia Quadro 980 XGL gfx card

2) Dell Precision 450 workstation, 2x 2,4 GHz Xeons (low voltage models), 2GB DDR memory (non ECC, non REG), nVidia Quadro 980 XGL gfx card, 120GB IDE harddisk

3) HP XW6200 workstation motherboard with 2x 3,0GHz Xeons (800MHz FSB), 2GB ECC REG memory, Asus ATI X850 Extreme gfx card, 160 GB SATA harddisk

Here is a copy of a small part of the BOINC log:
18-12-2007 22:31:44|lhcathome|Starting wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__30_1_sixvf_boinc537927_0
18-12-2007 22:31:44|lhcathome|Starting task wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__30_1_sixvf_boinc537927_0 using sixtrack version 467
18-12-2007 22:31:45|lhcathome|Computation for task wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__30_1_sixvf_boinc537927_0 finished
18-12-2007 22:31:45|lhcathome|Starting wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__20_1_sixvf_boinc537926_0
18-12-2007 22:31:45|lhcathome|Starting task wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__20_1_sixvf_boinc537926_0 using sixtrack version 467
18-12-2007 22:31:46|lhcathome|Computation for task wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__20_1_sixvf_boinc537926_0 finished
18-12-2007 22:31:47|lhcathome|Started upload of wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__30_1_sixvf_boinc537927_0_0
18-12-2007 22:31:48|lhcathome|Finished upload of wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__30_1_sixvf_boinc537927_0_0
18-12-2007 22:31:48|lhcathome|Started upload of wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__20_1_sixvf_boinc537926_0_0
18-12-2007 22:31:50|lhcathome|Finished upload of wm45tsB_m45__39__64.28_59.31__8_10__5__20_1_sixvf_boinc537926_0_0

If it is a problem, hope this info helps.

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