1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : LHC@home changed to CERN@home (Message 20639)
Posted 9 Oct 2008 by Zero2ninE
Well LHC is a part of CERN, and since we hardly ever get any work to do on LHC, why not expand the project to encompas all of CERN (except Minesweeper, Solitaire or Doom, when you are on a break). I find it hard to grasp, that you are the only people at CERN in need of processing power (after all, you ARE the shiny new toy, everyone wants to play with).

In any case, best of luck with the cursed Helium-leak. Get well soon all 100 super-conducting-dipole-electromagnets in sectors 3 and 4.

Best regards

PS: I just reread my post, you might get the impression that I were (green with envy) working, on one of the other projects at CERN. Well I am not...

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