1) Message boards : News : CMS@Home disruption, Monday 22nd July (Message 39416)
Posted 22 Jul 2019 by marsinph
Also here,
Strange that upload seems to be OK.
Only scheduler seems to work. All others disable.
I have about 100 WU waiting validation and server report only 20 for all the world.
Not forget to read the annoucment of past week !

here, BOINC shows that finished tasks were uploaded, but still waiting for being reported.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : David Anderson writes about the Boinc projects atomic class HPC Network (Message 38316)
Posted 19 Mar 2019 by marsinph
Thank you for info !
3) Message boards : ATLAS application : ATLAS issues (Message 38075)
Posted 27 Feb 2019 by marsinph
...Remember ATLAS was not initially developed for BOINC. It was developed for a vast network of many thousands of non-BOINC hosts on CERN's own non-BOINC distributed computing network. BOINC is just an after thought, a mere add on attached to their DC network with bits of glue and twine. BOINC delivers up only a few hundreds of hosts that together return a miniscule amount of work compared to CERN's own DC network. While they certainly appreciate our contributions there is a limit on how much effort they should invest in keeping less capable BOINC hosts happy.

Although from this table, https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/atlas_job.php Boinc is not an insignificant contributor to the overall ATLAS effort. :)

Thank you for your explanation about ATLAS not developped for BOINC.
Why they send WU if BOINC community is less usefull than CERN computing possibilities ???
I understand that all help is usefull and welcome. But there are more problem than others
So, I tyhink there are two possibilities
1. CERN develop ATLAS stable version for BOINC
2. ATLAS need to be removed from BOINC !!!

Not forget if BOINC community is to little to be able to help CERN, then BOINC community is to little to crunch.
I am in top 150 AVG cruncher (with only three little hosts).
If we consider the first user (CERN it self) with avg of 5.8M, they have a capacity of more than the whole planet (not considering the second in AVG)

In total credits, the same !!!

Then CERN ask, recruit MAC developper. OK so far.
But what for ??? They not develop BOINC (dixit Profile rbpeake).

Best regards

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Perhaps a stupid question !? GPU only (Message 38029)
Posted 18 Feb 2019 by marsinph
In fact all is in the subject !
Is it possible to get ONLY GPU WU ?
Project preference give possibilty for AMD (no nVidia, no Intel)
I have one host with AMD GPU (10542717)

My setting (preferences) are set to accept both CPU/GPU .
And all apps.
When I disable CPU , My local host returns " your preferences not allow...
On all my host the same with or without VB.

So my "stupid" question is easy. Only GPU WU ; yes or no !
5) Message boards : Sixtrack Application : multi threading six track possible in any way? (Message 37873)
Posted 31 Jan 2019 by marsinph
Why not to use LHC@HOME preferences ?
You can select amount of CPU !
If you want to run 4CPU on one host and 8CPU on a other host,
add a separate computer location with preferences you want (CPU/GPU/application/ressources).

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