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Posted 5 May 2022 by cuphi
Well, let's try the obvious.

$> sudo egrep -iw "warning|error|failure" /var/log/syslog

There may be lot of false positives in these results, but you have to start somewhere.
2) Message boards : ATLAS application : Atlas apparently affecting File Manager operation (Message 46749)
Posted 5 May 2022 by cuphi

When Thunar starts it may try to read directories deeper in the tree

As far as I am aware this is not the case. As I said, I don't have this issue with Thunar on openSuse. It has to be something that is unique to Linux Mint or Dark Angel's system. I don't know anything about the inner workings of CVMFS or or Singularity but I have been around Unix-like systems enough to know that deviating from the defaults is bad if you can't read the code. I am thinking that something was changed like file permissions, group membership, fstab entries, over-tuning of memory/filesystem options...it could be a wide assortment of things. Since we only have one person posting about it I really doubt it's baked into the code somewhere. I think it's much more likely to be a configuration problem. I could be wrong though. Linux Mint is a strange beast because of it's target audience.
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Posted 5 May 2022 by cuphi
What about snapper?
4) Message boards : ATLAS application : Atlas apparently affecting File Manager operation (Message 46744)
Posted 5 May 2022 by cuphi
My openSuse boxes that run XFCE4 are not having the issue. Perhaps the LinuxMint snapshot utility is trying to capture all of CVMFS? That is really just a guess. I had issues with Mint failing tasks on my laptop so I switched it to openSuse like the rest of my network.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Atlas Scoring algos are going insane. (Message 46694)
Posted 28 Apr 2022 by cuphi
On my laptop there is this WU: https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/workunit.php?wuid=187809749 : 42,648.50 84,649.43 197.45

On.my Ryzen 9 3950 there are these:

https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/workunit.php?wuid=187820769 : 30,082.22 58,198.01 139.27
https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/workunit.php?wuid=187820739 : 33,903.55 65,691.93 1,569.61
https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/workunit.php?wuid=187828931 : 34,723.24 66,261.05 5,643.76
https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/workunit.php?wuid=187825310 : 32,956.64 62,686.52 10,081.02
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Resource Management with Systemd and Cgroups: Setting CPU Affinity in Linux (Message 46684)
Posted 26 Apr 2022 by cuphi
Because I had to read a lot of docs before I found the solution to my problem I am posting this here to help anyone else that may come along in the future.

I have a nice beefy Ryzen 9 system that I use as my crunching box and as a gaming server. It's running OpenSuse Linux. In order to keep the two roles from competing from resources I have the game servers installed in LXD containers and set them to us one half CPUs on my system. I was running my Atlas native tasks in a VM that I configured to use the other half of the CPU be Singularity can't run in an LXD container. However I was loosing a crunching power to the overhead of the VM. After stumbling through several false start I finally learned how to set CPU affinity for services using Systemd:

sudo systemctl set-property autofs.service AllowedCPUs=8-15,24-31
sudo systemctl set-property boinc-client.service AllowedCPUs=8-15,24-31

It's as simple as that. Now I am crunching without the VM on exactly half my CPU cores while my game servers use the other half.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Beating the Heat (Message 45158)
Posted 25 Jul 2021 by cuphi
It's very hot where I live. At least from a human body temperature perspective. I don't have a very good air conditioning unit, so to beat the heat I am stopping most of my CPU and GPU usage. Is anyone else doing the same or are you toughing it out?
8) Message boards : ATLAS application : 8 Atlas Work Units failed to download in less than 24 hours. (Message 45150)
Posted 21 Jul 2021 by cuphi
Here are the links:

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Cannot report wus (Message 45140)
Posted 19 Jul 2021 by cuphi
Well, at least I know I am not alone in this ;-)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : How do I get the most out of my system running Atlas@home? (Message 45127)
Posted 14 Jul 2021 by cuphi
That seems to have worked. I set it to use 2 CPU's per task and it downloaded and started two more. Maybe later it will start to cache work. Thanks for the tip.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : How do I get the most out of my system running Atlas@home? (Message 45125)
Posted 14 Jul 2021 by cuphi
This is the computer in question: https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/show_host_detail.php?hostid=10692495

I am running an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with OpenSUSE Linux as the host OS and Rocky Linux as the guest. This is the only BOINC project I am running on this system. The host system is my squid proxy for CVMFS.

For some reason I cannot run six Atlas Native tasks at once if I want to run them single threaded. It only gets four tasks at a time and it will not even download and cache extra work.

I have plenty of free memory in the Rocky VM:

$ free -hw
                    total        used        free      shared     buffers       cache   available
Mem:           30Gi       8.7Gi        16Gi        11Mi       119Mi       5.4Gi        21Gi
Swap:         4.0Gi          0B       4.0Gi

Of the 25GB of disk space BOINC only 5.35GB is being used.
12) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Is anyone testing LHC@home on Rocky Linux? (Message 45077)
Posted 22 Jun 2021 by cuphi
If you are testing LHC@home on Rocky Linux please share your experiences. I am interested in shifting my SL7 VM's to an EL release and from what I have read about it's community-based approach Rocky might be the one.

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