1) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Whatever happened to LHC@home....apologies and thanks. (Message 21296)
Posted 6 Mar 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
I would also love to know how to print the BOINC documentation
in a simple way, without spending a lot of time searching and printing
a bit at a time. I am an old man and I am used to paper but feel I may
have to become much more involved in the BOINC server support.

Sadly, the \"revolution\" has come and there is little thought for those of us that prefer paper because it rarely experiences a BSOD ... and that means that you are stuck printing page by page the on-line documentation sites.

Just one side warning, the documentation rarely tracks the system as-built in that most of the people that work on BOINC know it so well (or think that they do) so the documentation for them is always an afterthought. Sadly, those that might be interested in doing documentation have been driven to the wilds due to a lack of political correctness ...

And, I want to add my thanks to the information you provided. As one that would gladly add capacity to LHC as it is one of the projects that is nearest and dearest to my science interests, it is always nice to hear that there really is work going on in the mists ... :)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Changes to Quorum and Replication ! (Message 21249)
Posted 24 Feb 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
So far it look like all the ones I got are dying with too much disk ... sigh ...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Source code? porting, run as annonnymous? (Message 21214)
Posted 21 Feb 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
If you are into it ... you could also look at Milky Way in that the source code is available. Though I have to wonder how many hosts are going to be added if you make the effort ...
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't get work (Message 21198)
Posted 19 Feb 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
LHC@Home rarely has work ... lucky to get work once a quarter at the moment. And the batches are usually pretty small as these things go ... sadly for those of us in love with the LHC...

Just leave it connected and be patient ...
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Long Term Debt (Message 21184)
Posted 16 Feb 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Depends which version of BOINC you have. There is a bug in some of the 6.6.x alpha releases. I also believe they changed the LTD calc to take into account when a project has no work for extended periods of time (but I could be making that up).

You aren\'t ...
6) Message boards : Number crunching : visualisation? (Message 21175)
Posted 8 Feb 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Why couldn\\\\\\\'t take google earth, maps, CAD software and create a sick 3d animation. Those of us with nikce graphics would really love it.

Especially the explosion as the beam burns a hole in the wall of the LHC ...
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Blast from the past ... (Message 21037)
Posted 20 Jan 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
While looking through my old e-mails I ran across this that I wrote back in August 2005:

This space in the original page was formerly occupied by a three word neutral statement that at least one person found pejorative, and upon reflection I decided that they were correct that it is absolutely true that saying that a person might contain or might not contain any of the following qualities, hence:

<li>Stating that some people are &quot;full&quot; does indeed draw attention to the fact that some people may indeed have more of some substance or capability inside than others and this would tend to indicate that some unfortunates are somehow less than others with their lack of a complete and total quantity of what ever &quot;it&quot; is that we are measuring or discussing. Therefore, bringing up unfair and reprehensible comparisons to the &quot;full&quot;-challenged individuals shall not be tolerated.</li>
<li>Moreover, the despicable use of the word &quot;of&quot; which as you know from your dictionary, when used in conjunction with a person does indicate that this word is &quot;used as a function word to indicate the cause, motive, or reason by which a person or thing is actuated or impelled&quot; Webster\'s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged; &copy;1976, Page 1565, lower center column and this does tend to lend itself to the possibilities that one individual may have a less than sterling derivation than some other persons. Henceforth I shall endeavor to cast no aspersions or to impugn any living or dead persons quality of their &quot;of&quot; in any statement.</li>
<li>Also, &quot;it&quot; is unjustly harsh. So, hence forth, never again will I make the rude statement that you or any other person has any &quot;it&quot;-ness associated with them, under any circumstances.

And let it be stated with firm conviction that I shall always endeavor to eschew obfuscation of missives with an ocular directed in such a manner that aspersions of a negative bent shall be lumbering towards the mitigation of attribution thereby transmuting inverted approbation communiquÈs, and therefore capsizing those notional non-positive edicts; rendering them impotent, with negated impact, and in all cases when presented by the obstreperous, afflicted by pedanticism, those with impugnable motivations or those with improsperous linguistic wherewithal, those expropriators even those that evince unprepossessing mien, or even those infatuated with a polysyllabic obscurantist style; and henceforth and hereafter are less than able to portend a diminution in the positive acclaim acknowledged, in all probability, within any less than favorable circumstances; with presumably a full intent to ensure that any repetition of duplication shall also not impact or render moot any and all engendering of any positive, negative, or neutral duplicity, complicity, or connivance on the part of the aforementioned authors, their aspirations and potentially lubricious and monomaniacal pursuit of the muse with any restraints mitigated by a non-negative application of a modicum of effervescent humoristic epistle development imparted under deprecation with full intent to circumvent non-indirect application of defenestration with the conjectural intent to stifle luminarist gossamer drollness, which, by fortuitous divination will not not-fail engendering solicitude and expurgation.
<p />
Furthermore; I know you believe you understand what you think I said but I am not sure you realize that what your read is not what I meant.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Thank you for the work (Message 21036)
Posted 20 Jan 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Great minds think alike ... :)

I am pretty well pleased with the speed of the 280 card though the real tests will come when we have several projects that are issuing GPU tasks.

GPU Grid still makes too big a hit on the CPU to support the running GPU so I am in no hurry to run out to get more GPUs going. Not that I don\'t want to do work for them, but not at the cost of not being able to do as much work for CPU intense projects.

Their new version is in the works and when it comes out and seems to be stable and if it reduces the load on the windows machines enough I might just get a 1K PSU that can support 3 GPUs and, sadly, one GTX 295 ... add that to the i7 box until I can afford another 295 card ... that would put the 280 and 2 each 295 cards in the box ...

Mid summer I hope I can afford a dual i7 (and if they have it out by then) and that system will also be built on a MB that can support 3 GPUs and I will start to add the second and third after the fact (though I may START with two cards of 295 or better) ...

WOn\'t that be fun ... :)

Happy computing ...

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Thank you for the work (Message 21027)
Posted 19 Jan 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Yea - not only did I get my CUDA
xmass gift, but I got a WU from
this project. Only thing missing
is a SixPack to go with the SixTrack!

What card did you get?

I have been running a 9800GT and a GTX280 ... the latter is more fun ... I am sore tempted to order a GTX295 for grins and giggles ... but have been resisting the temptation for the moment ... of course I could succumb at any minute ... :)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : New Work Available Jan 2009 (Message 20923)
Posted 9 Jan 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
I am gtting oneies and twosies ... sigh ...

I wish work was more continuous ...

Another place where Resource Share does not really work well ... I have similar problems with SIMAP though I can usually get a nice load of work from them ...

There is a deliberate policy in place on this project, which limits work supply to:

* no more than 2 tasks per scheduler request
* 15 minute interval between work requests
* daily quota of 10 tasks/CPU

I think the policy is a good one - it stops the power crunchers hoovering up all the available new work and sitting on it for days on end, and leaves some crumbs available for everyone else.

Yeah, I saw sometnign about that in another thread ... I guess at least I am getting some work and I should be content with that ...

And without restrictions like these the guys with the mega-farms would get all the work ... Shoot in a month or two my wife is going to have me down to only 4 machines ... sigh ... well maybe by then the i7 will be available in dual CPU configuration and that will be a machine to build ... 16 virtual CPUs ... that is something to look forward too ...
11) Message boards : Number crunching : New Work Available Jan 2009 (Message 20919)
Posted 9 Jan 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
but i get none!

Is/are your computer/s available to receive them? It may be that you are loaded up on your computer with other projects. Many work units are now available., the most I have seen in some time.

I am gtting oneies and twosies ... sigh ...

I wish work was more continuous ...

Another place where Resource Share does not really work well ... I have similar problems with SIMAP though I can usually get a nice load of work from them ...
12) Message boards : Number crunching : New Work Available Jan 2009 (Message 20911)
Posted 8 Jan 2009 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Um where did you see this news?
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Thank you for the work (Message 20884)
Posted 27 Dec 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
No one else has said it ... and I have just checked back in (I have been in forget it mode) ... but thanks for the new tasks ...

I just wish there were more ... :)

Sadly for me, this is my \"ideal\" project and I wish I could be running work full time ... alas alack ...

Anyway, you have my thanks if no one else\'s ...
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Ridding computer of Pending Units (Message 20883)
Posted 27 Dec 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Neasan, any news yet?

I too have been waiting to delete dozens of ancient hosts for three years now. I sense an apathy on the part of the administrators in regard to this issue. But seriously, how hard is it to run an SQL command?!

Obviously you have not run many SQL commands ...

Running a command is easy. Making sure it is doing the right thing is hard. Running commands willy-nilly on a production database can farble it up so bad so fast that it is not even funny.

And Yes, I have hundreds if not thousands of tasks that clutter my account too ...
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Back to work! (Message 19790)
Posted 7 Jul 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
There was a presentation by a LHC type and he noted that we are the only supercomputer that is eager for more work and has the capacity to quickly process the work.

But LHC is not the only project that is having difficulty coming up with work for us ...
16) Message boards : Number crunching : WUs being rejected? Very short processing time. (Message 19646)
Posted 21 May 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Tasks in LHC have an extrodinarily variable completion time. Some run fast like yours... the beam hit the wall, and some run for the 10,000; 100,000; or 1,000,000 turns ... taking hours ...
17) Message boards : Number crunching : "Stuck" WU? (Message 19626)
Posted 16 May 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Anyone else having problems with WU #2642346?

On my host at least, progress has reached 100% after just over 6hrs of processing, but it's status is showing as "Waiting to run".

Looking at the rewsults page for the WU I notice that noone else who's been issued this WU has yet returned a result yet either....

I'm getting close to just aborting it.

BOINC has this annoying habit of halting processing, at times, just before it completes a task.

Because of the way that work is scheduled the task was run and JUST before it was able to complete and upload, it gets suspended. I have had tasks that have run for long times, with just a minute or so to complete, get suspended and thus cluttering up my work queue ... which is not as big an issue to me as the fact that the task is vulnerable to a computer crash ...

Anyway, my suggestion (years ago) that the work scheduler take a look at time to complete before halting work on a task was never allowed to come to fruition. Sadly. So, in a case like this, all you can do is wait until LHC is scheduled again and the task completes ... or to suspend other projects and/or tasks to force this to run. The bad news is that if you are not careful you can "unbalance" the CPU scheduler so that it DL more work for other projects.

18) Message boards : Number crunching : Shared Memory Errors (Message 19583)
Posted 30 Apr 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
It hasn't ... it also has not reported yet.

Even it it does not get reported, and you don't get the credit ... the good news is that the science is in the upload that does not need the database server ... :)

I know, not good news for you though ...

Anyway, this can be a common problem with "smaller" projects with tight constraints on the servers and limited staff ...

We just have to wait and they will stroke the server and we can then report the results ...
19) Message boards : Number crunching : What happens to us when LHC goes live? (Message 19575)
Posted 29 Apr 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck

There will be tons of data to be processed, however little if any will be coming through the BOINC project according to the last official word I saw. The data size to processing time ratio is likely to be too high for efficient distribution.

OK thankyou for the info I was unaware of this. Keck_Komputers can you remember where you were reading the latest official word? I'd be interested in having a read.
Thank's for info

See this which is about as close as I can get for the most recent "word"
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Muon accelerator design via BOINC (Message 19535)
Posted 24 Apr 2008 by Profile Paul D. Buck
Paul, Orbit now has work for Intel Macs: http://orbit.psi.edu/oah/forum_thread.php?id=87

And I missed it!


Well, I am attached now, but, no work ... sigh ...

Anyway, I am making progress on my goals on projects, 15 projects are at or above goal ... now if I can keep the goal posts from moving! :)

Anyway, thanks for the tip!

I am looking at 58 projects now though still concentrating on the production and beta projects. Though I have found some alpha projects "stable" with some tinkering (I can't get one sub-project on YoYo to work, but the Muon and evolution seem to work) ....

Next 20

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