1) Message boards : Team invites : Team Art Bell (Message 10738)
Posted 15 Oct 2005 by Anaconda_469
Join Team Art Bell, a crunchers paradise!

2) Questions and Answers : Sixtrack : no work from lhc??? (Message 9501)
Posted 20 Aug 2005 by Anaconda_469
<blockquote><blockquote>This project normally has an intermittant work supply. when another study is prepared it will be sent out.</blockquote>

thanks - just wanted to make sure i wasn't causing the problem ;)</blockquote>

No you are not causing any problems here. As previously noted, this projec occasionally runs out of W/U's. That is why I have my farm doing other projecs as well. So I do not have much 'idle' time on any machine.

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