1) Message boards : Number crunching : New Year's Present (Message 18777)
Posted 2 Jan 2008 by Profile MJKelleher
Work for two of my three machines! Thanks, Neasan & Alex!

May 2008 be healthy, happy and productive for all the LHC and BOINC communities.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : strange error message (Message 12995)
Posted 12 Mar 2006 by Profile MJKelleher
also cant log onto boinc message boards using e-mail or account key
This part of your original question didn't get addressed. The BOINC message boards are set up as if they were a separate project. Near the top of this page, it says "Posting to these boards requires creating an account." Set up an account there for yourself, and you'll be able to post.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Even shorter deadlines? (Message 9534)
Posted 21 Aug 2005 by Profile MJKelleher
<blockquote>I'm running 4.45 and 4.72. With the combination of CPU, deadlines, differing run times of the two projects, and my chosen allocation of CPU time (70:30 LHC:Einstein) I couldn't complete an Einstein unit in the time available without micromanaging BOINC, or basically allowing BOINC to run Einstein all the time. I could have changed the allocation to 50:50, or maybe 30:70, but I prefer to run LHC. Since BOINC couldn't cope with the short Einstein deadlines I dropped it. For what it's worth all my machines are running Einstein while LHC is out of work. I'll switch back when LHC restarts.
If you leave BOINC alone to manage the resources, it'll meet the Einsten deadlines, then not download more from E@H until it's needed to meet your resource allocation goals. On a given day, it might not be the 70/30 or whatever split you define, but over the long run, it'll honor your allocation. You just have to leave it alone to do it!


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