1) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINCStats (Message 15261)
Posted 31 Oct 2006 by JardaM
In old days it was a good habit of BOINC projects to report results to BOINCStats. This LHC@Home ceased to do some months ago. Is any correction planned?

Sorry, I overloked similar thread further bellow.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : LHC@home server being reconfigured today !! (Message 14675)
Posted 20 Sep 2006 by JardaM
What is "shortly" compared to infinity.

My PC writes
20.9.2006 13:21:43|LHC@home|Requesting 172800 seconds of new work
20.9.2006 13:21:48|LHC@home|Scheduler request failed: HTTP bad gateway
20.9.2006 13:21:48|LHC@home|Deferring scheduler requests for 2 minutes and 38 seconds
3) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Magnifying light speed Questions (Message 14649)
Posted 16 Sep 2006 by JardaM
[quote "sQuonk"]Incidentally, 0.1% lightspeed is still nearly 300m/s, [/quote]
How long are you away from school? Classical problem of units conversion. 300 km/s is the right answer.
4) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Fusion? (Message 14563)
Posted 17 Aug 2006 by JardaM
And further to dr mabuse: For fusion you need hottest + densest plasma in smallest volume which are the conditions LHC can never fulfill, and it isn't constructed to.
To your satisfaction: EU + US + Russia + Japan after many years of negotioations made an agreement to construct such a reactor named ITER (correct?) in French Caradache (??).
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Intermittent Work: warning/s needed? (Message 13133)
Posted 27 Mar 2006 by JardaM
I is understood that you cannot supply WUs continuously but in not-so-far-away future there is tremendous amount of work expected.

What am I trying to suggest is not to use idle computer time capacity of BOINC participants only but also their programming skill. If you check SETI and Eistein projects, volunteers from BOINC community succeeded to optimize the code to speed the calculations 3 - 5 times keeping in their mind that calculations and results must be consistent with originally coded programs.

Possibly you may be also interested in "dusting-out" your code to make it similarly effective and "under your control".
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Host corruption solved? (Message 11033)
Posted 26 Oct 2005 by JardaM
You were right. I reset the project and it started to download new WU immediately. Also values in my host record are OK now.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Host corruption solved? (Message 11031)
Posted 26 Oct 2005 by JardaM
I have installed a new validator and a new assimilator. Let us see if this solves the problem.

It won't solve it, I'm afraid.
My last contact (upload) is approx. 1000 UTC, my last validated result is approx. at 1100. I belive only database of hosts is getting corrupted continuously.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Host corruption (Message 11028)
Posted 26 Oct 2005 by JardaM
If your host is getting corrupted write here what version of the boinc client you are using, and when you connected last. Are all your hosts getting corrupted?

Hi Chrulle,
I reported corruption this morning approx. 0700 UTC on two of my 3 PCs. Corruption continues as third PC was corrupted (I mean database record) right now.
It wozuldn't bother me much but the problem is that rewrites also No. of WUs allowed per day. This practically cuts me off from your source. I cannot get any fresh WU any longer.
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Computer data corrupt (Message 11009)
Posted 26 Oct 2005 by JardaM
Hi, data on two of my computers are partially corrupted, results seem to be intact.
I use Boinc v.4.45,
Computer ID............last contact
67492......... 26 Oct 2005 4:36:57 UTC
62136......... 25 Oct 2005 13:54:31 UTC

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