1) Message boards : Cafe LHC : WC3 Markup missing (Message 20354)
Posted 14 Sep 2008 by PovAddict
You guys HAD a very nice web-site at one time. It was compliant with almost every standard. But nooooooooooo.

You had to scrap all that now did you now?

They had fixed some of the nonstandardness of the code, but when they did that they were already 1 year out of date from the official code. Recently LHC@Home upgraded its BOINC server code, probably having to undo their modifications.
2) Message boards : Cafe LHC : LHC cooling problems! (Message 20353)
Posted 14 Sep 2008 by PovAddict
LHC@Home never has work. Except when it does :) Seriously, it usually doesn\'t have work. We recently had a somewhat-big batch to process, first in a few months, but it\'s all processed by now (I think).

And availability of work is unlikely to have anything to do with cooling of the collider...
3) Message boards : LHC@home Science : New Tasks? Yes or No !! (Message 20295)
Posted 12 Sep 2008 by PovAddict
Thanks geo...

I am not sure I understand the system.

1. There is work to do.
2. I and my computer are waiting

1. There is LHC work to do.
2. Your computer is already full with other projects\' work.
3. Your computer thus doesn\'t ask for LHC work.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Actual LHC data to crunch? (Message 20208)
Posted 11 Sep 2008 by PovAddict
I got WUs! \\o/

But by the time I attached on my work computer, WUs were gone.
5) Message boards : LHC@home Science : END OF THE WORLD (Message 20096)
Posted 10 Sep 2008 by PovAddict
The world will NOT end when they fire the first beam today.

It will end when they cause a collision, in October.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : platform 'powerpc-pc-linux-gnu' application for my PS3 ? (Message 20095)
Posted 10 Sep 2008 by PovAddict
Does LHC@home need good floating point performace ?

The LHC@home app doesn\'t even support Mac, because there isn\'t any good Fortran compiler for OS X that can cope with sixtrack.

The PS3 does have good floating point performance. But it\'s way more than just a PPC. It\'s quite a different problem to get an application running fast on a PS3. The only projects that will support PS3 are those that are written from the beginning with Cell in mind.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Stand back....... (Message 19642)
Posted 19 May 2008 by PovAddict
'bout time I test something here.

EDIT: yup, as I expected, the security hole I used on previous posts in this thread to get into Neasan's account is still open.

Have a nice day. Keep your passwords safe! :)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Maximum daily WU quota per CPU? (Message 19240)
Posted 15 Mar 2008 by PovAddict
Most folks seem to forget that the reduced quota was intentionally done to stop the constant noise about "fair distribution". If the quota was increased again, all the fast systems will consume work at a faster pace, eventually leading back to people complaining about things not being "fair", that they didn't get any work while others have a lot.

Complaints are like energy. Can't be destroyed, only converted to other types :)
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Initial replication and missing workunit (Message 19200)
Posted 10 Mar 2008 by PovAddict
I was not certain enough yesterday to contradict what povaddict has said, and I'm still not certain enough today due to not tracking down what is tickling my brain into thinking what I'm thinking, but I thought that there was a capability within the server-side aborts to do the abort unconditionally. The conditional "abort the task if it is not running" was the "user-friendly" option... I could be mistaken about this though. IIRC, it was said over on the SETI message boards and I think it was either by John Mcleod VII, Josef Segur, or Ingleside...

Yes. If the server notices the client has a workunit that was completely aborted by the admin, or a workunit that has already expired (user didn't return it on time) and even got validated from other results, it will send an "abort now, no matter if it's running or not".

However, *users* can't choose if they want an "abort even if running" instead of "abort if not started" in the common case that a workunit reaches quorum normally.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Initial replication and missing workunit (Message 19189)
Posted 8 Mar 2008 by PovAddict
Yes. And because the server code is such an old version, the server can't ask clients to abort the unnecessary WUs. :-(

Otoh if a workunit is already in progress aborting it would be a waste, too.

The abort mechanism only aborts ready-to-run workunits. Running workunits only get aborted if there is no way for them to get credit (ie. if they are WAY too late).
11) Message boards : Number crunching : LHC@Home is on Holiday! (Message 19176)
Posted 6 Mar 2008 by PovAddict
Your serverstatus-page is also a bad joke. Your Upload/Download and Scheduler is disabled since a long time but units comes and goes?

It's not. The download/upload server is the same that hosts the forums etc. so if it was really disabled, the server status page wouldn't even load.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : How long is a piece of string? (Message 19160)
Posted 4 Mar 2008 by PovAddict
while there are more of the long 1m turn work units around, it made me wonder what sort of savepoints do the LHC wus have? none... every 1000 turns... every 10,000 turns? there's no search function on this message board, so sorry if it's been often mentioned before. I also fetched down an extra day of work in the buffer of the slower in my two rigs (they each take over a day on that one so you understand the savepoint question!)

My guess is that it can checkpoint on every turn, and since turns are so frequent, that will make it follow your preferences quite accurately (every 60 seconds by default).
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Message from server: Project encountered internal error: shared memory (Message 19145)
Posted 2 Mar 2008 by PovAddict
[quote]:( on again, off again, cat and mouse game. Is the server to ancient?

No. The server is BRAND NEW (installed last year!)/quote]
The server hardware was installed last year. The software is 3 years old; ancient for BOINC standards.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : RSS feed broken (Message 19128)
Posted 28 Feb 2008 by PovAddict
It looks like the last news from february the 25th has something wrong in it that broke the RSS feed.

Seems OK to me.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems fetching scheduler list over UMTS (Message 19059)
Posted 22 Feb 2008 by PovAddict
We know the code is old and all I am going to say is it is not my decision to not upgrade the code and it is out of my hands. I want to upgrade the code I will leave it at that.

This time I wasn't complaining for the old code, just replying Viking's question...
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems fetching scheduler list over UMTS (Message 19049)
Posted 21 Feb 2008 by PovAddict
If I remember correctly, this site is not using the latest versions of the BOINC server software.

You remember correctly. It's three years old. I once managed to post on the forums under the admin's account due to security holes, but they still haven't upgraded, nor accepted by offer to help them manually patch the holes.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems fetching scheduler list over UMTS (Message 19030)
Posted 19 Feb 2008 by PovAddict
Scheduler URL is on the main page inside an HTML comment. UMTS removes all HTML comments to "save bandwidth" (also recompresses JPEG images to make them look horrible).

@Admins: the solution is adding this to your <head>:
<link rel="boinc_scheduler" href="http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome_cgi/cgi">
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Moving a WU from one machine to another? (Message 19013)
Posted 11 Feb 2008 by PovAddict
I have an older Pentium machine with 82 MB RAM that downloaded a WU and began processing it.

Originally, the time to completion was before the WU deadline. However, after running it for nearly 25 hours, achieving ~9% completion, the time to completion has increased (by an additional 8 hours!), and I fear it will not get done in time.

I would like to move it to my Pent. 4 laptop and was wondering if there is anything special I need to do?

I see the init_data.xml file contains a path to the files which are on a different drive in the older machine and I will edit this. Anything else?

Expiration is in four days.

Moving a single workunit to another machine? You would need to do lots of manual edits to client_state.xml; and I'd almost guarantee you'll screw up in the process. Moving the slot directory for that workunit is just the beginning.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Stil a pending credit (Message 18972)
Posted 8 Feb 2008 by PovAddict
I find it very interesting that there has been NO response to this thread from any administrators.....why? This thread is 7 months old!!!! It is an issue...I have pending going back almost 2 years that haven't been cleaned up preventing me from cleaning up my host list.

I just saw a Thunderbird bug being closed, 9 years after it got reported, so this is nothing :)
20) Message boards : Number crunching : To completion times for new tasks (Message 18962)
Posted 7 Feb 2008 by PovAddict
I have work with a 6 hour estimate, and so far (1h 13m runtime, 19.5%), it seems accurate.

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