21) Message boards : Number crunching : Projects to mix with LHC (Message 15578)
Posted 19 Nov 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Heres a few Projects Missed so far ( and maybe why )

ha ha looks like i whine alot. I'v had no problems with Tampaku (not just saying that because i'v been their uotd 13 times)

VTU Xtrem & Prime Grid I'v had no problems with either
and Docking is too new to tell

* Presently, Proteins@home doesn't support Linux but in the future, they will do.
Officially, the project supports (only) XP but the application runs without problem also on Win2k and NT ; a little more difficult under Win9x/ME.
** Predictor has no work and nobody knows how long the offline period will be.
22) Message boards : Number crunching : Saying good bye for now, to many problems with project. (Message 15538)
Posted 18 Nov 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Why does everybody need to rant before going? If you aren't comfortable with the project, and you really think you need to go, well just go! No need to post about it.

Why ? maybe because people are humans.
23) Message boards : Number crunching : Projects to mix with LHC (Message 15517)
Posted 18 Nov 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Hey there River~~

You seem quite up to date on all the different programs out there, maybe you could answer a couple of questions that I have ---

Has the ROSETTA program fixed their software where it will work well with others? I seem to remember a while back, they had major problems with starting and stopping in a shared environment.

I notice on your listing the program "WCG" -- what can you tell us about it, and what is the URL for the site? The same question goes for "LEIDEN", which I suspect probably has a lot to do with electrical engineering research ....


Leiden Classical
World Community Grid
24) Message boards : LHC@home Science : What exactly are we doing ? (Message 15513)
Posted 18 Nov 2006 by Profile Nightbird
interesting question - good awnser.
Could you place this on a more obviouse place at the homepage? I guess many users have the same question. And two sentences well hidden under "technical callenges" are not enough information to cure curiuos spirits.

I wondered myself several times about why nothing seems to happen at the project and didn't even find really helpful information here in the discussion board (By the way - the FAQ-link doesn't work).
The newsboard is outdated and one can easily get the impression the last thing that happened in that project was a computer crash.
Contrary to other users who wrote in the forum I don't mind having a project on standby, waiting for work most of the time - it's not the only boinc project. But I need to know if the project still works and why I am on standby.

Think about this: A computer grid consisting of 6000 computer needs technical maintenance. But this grid also consists of 6000 computer owners who are willing to donate their CPU time to you (which is and at the end of the day real money if you take into account that energy consumption of newer CPU depends on the workload). They also need some "maintenance" if you don't want your grid to break into pieces sooner or later.
Just tell us whenever new work was sent out in the news board and maybe if new work is on the way. Just to let us know we are still needed.

Sören Ebser

Some news or updates from the admin. on how is going this project would be a good idea.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : Projects to mix with LHC (Message 15512)
Posted 18 Nov 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Ehm, i would say :
With LHC, you need to run an other project (a fact known since ... always).
Do like you wish/like ; you have the choice, and... more 30 projects from alpha status to full production status ! Attach, try, test, you like it ? good ; you don't like it, detach.
Keep an eye on the new and often little projects. They will try also to give you a very good support and to have a good communication with you.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : Unable to connect to database - please try again later Error: 1040Too many connections (Message 15356)
Posted 4 Nov 2006 by Profile Nightbird
That would be a good thing if the LHC team fixed also this message that i got trying to read a thread.
27) Message boards : Number crunching : Server Status (Message 14929)
Posted 1 Oct 2006 by Profile Nightbird
How about adding a link to the server status page, http://lhcathome.cern.ch/server_status.php in the main page?

Would be also useful and that would not kill the project..
28) Message boards : Number crunching : New server: report broken links etc here (Message 14928)
Posted 1 Oct 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Error 404 for the link 'Links and resources'
29) Message boards : Number crunching : LHC@home server being reconfigured today !! (Message 14661)
Posted 19 Sep 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Hello LHC,
You're back !
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Why can't I get any work? (Message 14303)
Posted 13 Jul 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Server Status

Up, out of work

-> No work from project
31) Message boards : Number crunching : Solution for LHC Long Term debt problem ? (Message 13924)
Posted 10 Jun 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Or you could get Boinc Debt Viewer . It has a feature that allows your to reset your debts with the click of a button.

That utility sure does simplify that process. It's kinda cool for those who need it. :)

It only works under XP.
32) Message boards : Cafe LHC : The 12 Universal Keys of GOD LAST UPDATE 1.07 (Message 13774)
Posted 28 May 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Look at that ShanerX
this thread has been closed everywhere in DC forums.
Message to Mods : please delete this thread .
Ps :Nightbird tu ne pourrais pas faire qqchose comme chez nos amis de Sztaki ?

Ce que tu vois, Jeannot, est ce qui reste : plusieurs posts et threads furent pass�s � la trappe.
What you see is what is left : several posts and threads were deleted.
33) Message boards : Cafe LHC : The 12 Universal Keys of GOD LAST UPDATE 1.07 (Message 13684)
Posted 21 May 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Same guy, same propaganda (proselytism or spam)
A former thread from this guy has already been removed from different places
(Einstein, QMC...) a few weeks ago.
I won't be surprised to see it somewhere else in DC forum.

Mais au moins, en la tartiflette nous croyons. ;)
C'est excellent ! "grin"
34) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Cannot access link fur further info on LHC@home front page (Message 12989)
Posted 11 Mar 2006 by Profile Nightbird
The link is not valid

this is not

nothing serious : cern.ch is missing ;)

it would need to be corrected in the news...

35) Message boards : Number crunching : Unofficial BOINC Wiki closing 2006-03-31 (Message 12882)
Posted 26 Feb 2006 by Profile Nightbird
@ Paul D. Buck
You're wrong to stop.
Remember, the majority is often silent.

36) Message boards : Number crunching : LHC still requires Boinc 4.45? (Message 12564)
Posted 29 Jan 2006 by Profile Nightbird

LHC@Home models are the hardest probably to get validated because of the accuracy requirements.

accuracy requirements ? What are you thinking ?
37) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Chrulle, how about a DB cleanup? (Message 12544)
Posted 28 Jan 2006 by Profile Nightbird
Same for me with these 2 old wus :
38) Message boards : LHC@home Science : CERN doesn't like LHC@Home. (Message 12235)
Posted 21 Jan 2006 by Profile Nightbird
We are an experimental service belonging to the IT department.
And the IT department belongs to "who or what" ?
39) Message boards : Number crunching : When Will LHC Server Be Updated to Handle BOINC 5.1.*? (Message 10558)
Posted 2 Oct 2005 by Profile Nightbird
<blockquote><blockquote>and many will switch</blockquote>
Many have already switched, as evidenced by the multitude of threads started about this one topic.</blockquote>
Others will not switch also.
Me, sure ; i'm using the CC 4.32 and i'm happy with it.

Anyway, i'm sure that all the servers of all projects will be upgraded... sooner or later...no choice.
40) Message boards : Number crunching : Whats in a name .... (Message 10450)
Posted 26 Sep 2005 by Profile Nightbird
<blockquote>wjun4B_v6s4hhpac_mqx__9__64.2914_59.3077__6_8__6__10_1_sixvf_boinc12302_1 is the unit I am currently processing.
What does the unit name signify? (this question could have been asked before, but I haven't found it in the forum. sorry if its a repeat)

Thanks in advance.

Robert Laughlin
yes, what's the meaning ? ;)

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