1) Message boards : Theory Application : Poor CPU utilization on High Core Count CPUs during Theory Application (Message 40292)
Posted 27 Oct 2019 by groberts
I am running an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X (16c/32t) and works great when running all other tasks, except the Theory Application, as the CPU is being fully utilized. However, when running the Theory Application, the BIONC scheduler is allocated all 32 threads to this task and is only using around 10-15% of the entire CPU. This is very sub-optimal as the rest of the CPU should be allocated to running other tasks like SixTrack, etc. Unfortunately, the BIONC application doesn't allow the user to redefine the number of threads a given Application should use. For example, it would be nice to configure each Theory Application to use only 4 threads each, SixTrack Applications to use only 1 thread each, etc.

The problem is not that there is not enough RAM as I have plenty of RAM not being utilized during these applications.

Has anyone found a workaround to this for high core-count CPUs?

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