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Posted 13 Nov 2017 by Timo425
Yeti, thanks! Resetting lhc@home project seemed to do the trick, alt+f3 showed no much activity in first 10 mins but then 3 cores started crunching hard at 100%. :) Hopefully it will stay that way when I resume other projects as well, for now I will try to run a few ATLAS WUs in a row.
A lot of stuff going on in alt+F2 too.
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Posted 13 Nov 2017 by Timo425
It seems I can't edit my own previous post?
Anyway I cancelled my previous task and started a new one. Now alt+f2 and alt+f3 works in the VM console and it seems that the cores are being used for only around 0.3%. This new task has been going at it for 14 hours now and CPU time is only 33 minutes. Looks like it happens to every ATLAS WU I get.
I will try to look around the forum for a solution, if there is one..

EDIT: I already added app_config.xml for the task, currently I tell it to use 3 cores and ram limit is set to 8 gb. Any other suggestions for the xml?
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cmdline>--memory_size_mb 8000</cmdline>
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Posted 12 Nov 2017 by Timo425
So I'm trying to figure out why my LHC tasks in linux seem to run so slow.
Atlas simulation 1.01 (vbox64_mt_mcore_atlas) has been running for almost 13 hours now and is currently at 99.994%. However it is progressing very slowly at this point.
alt+f2 does nothing in the vm console, only alt+f1 and alt+f6 switch to some other information. I'm using Ubuntu, I have 16gb RAM and i5-6500 as cpu. My cpu usage is currently set at 99%, however 3 cores are used by LHC and 1 core is used by 3 Einstein WUs at the same time. Also LHC priority is half of normal.
Task manager shows 5gb of 15.6gb used and 1 core is running at 100% while other three are usually slacking around 10-25%.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Over half of my LHC tasks get "Error while computing" error (Message 32867)
Posted 21 Oct 2017 by Timo425
As the title says, over half of my tasks get an error "Error while computing", when I open a specific task then it says "errors: too many total results". What causes it and how to fix it?
This is how it looks like: https://imgur.com/a/6XgcI

UPDATE: Never mind, looks like I missed a stickied thread in this sub-forum about Windows 10 users needing to update their Oracle VM, I will update it and see if it fixes the situation.

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