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Posted 12 Apr 2008 by Kabal
If I remember correctly gravity is an extremely weak force in relationship to other forces (like the electromagnetic or strong nuclear forces). One of the goals for the LHC is to try and find the Higgs particle, that is postulated to be the cause of gravity! I'm remember reading that gravity has been compensated for in the design as part of the device is under a mountain and part isn't.

Ok I'll just start by saying I am not a Scientist just an interested observer. My question is would the experiments due to be performed on the LHC have different results dependent on force of Gravity. If I offend anyone with my ignorance I apologize in advance

Gravity has another indirect influence on the LHC: tides can change the length of the LHC circumference by 1 mm, and this produces changes in beam energy. Thus scientists must take this into account in their measurement.
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Posted 22 Oct 2007 by Kabal
How does magnetic storing of antimatter works?

The standard device for trapping charged particles is the Penning Trap.
I don't know how they trap neutral particles like antihydrogen atoms.
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Posted 29 Aug 2005 by Kabal
I just got a 5-day deadline workunit:
29/08/2005 18.39.17|LHC@home|Started download of wjun3C_v6s4hhnom_mqx__1__64.296_59.3176__8_10__6__55_1_sixvf_boinc390.zip
It is normal to have such short deadlines?
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Posted 11 May 2005 by Kabal

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