1) Questions and Answers : Sixtrack : Merging two accounts ? (Message 21792)
Posted 13 Jan 2010 by MSeery
Hi everyone,

It is possible to ask for two accounts to be merged, meaning credits aswell, all under one account ?

This happened in the first place because I changed my email address through Grid Republic and now I have duplicate accounts under two different email addresses for a couple of projects but not all of them wierdly :s

If it\\\'s not possible on the LHC@home website, does this mean, it\\\'s not possible on any other project\\\'s website ?

As far as I know, it isn\'t possible to merge accounts on any BOINC project.

2) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : \"Communication deferred\" problem (Message 21725)
Posted 7 Dec 2009 by MSeery
Hi to everyone,

yesterday I\\\\\\\'ve added for the first time the LHC@Home project, but unfortunately I\\\\\\\'m not able to run anything because the Boinc Manager continuously returns the error/warning message \\\\\\\"Communicaton deferred\\\\\\\".
I\\\\\\\'ve another project added to my Boinc Manager (Rosetta@Home) and this works without problems.
I\\\\\\\'m using a Ubuntu 9.10 - 64 bit and Boinc Manager 6.4.5 (installed with Synaptic).
What could be the problem? configuation? installation?

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards.

This isn\'t a problem. There is no work at this project at the moment, so when you ask for work the project tells the client this, and not to ask again for a certain amount of time. This is the communication deferred message that you see.

Hope this helps

3) Questions and Answers : Windows : got 0 new tasks! Please Help! (Message 21689)
Posted 27 Nov 2009 by MSeery
Hellow my friends,

I\\\\\\\'m a rookie here and I set up boing to work again after a year! I use boinc only for LHC project but i don\\\\\\\'t get any tasks for 4 days now!

Does any friend knows to answer me why? Should i configure something that i have forgot?! or should I wait cause there are no tasks these days?!

Thank you people for your time, please help!

There is no work currently being done on this project, and it is not obvious when any new work will be added, if ever.

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Page not found (Message 21589)
Posted 2 Nov 2009 by MSeery
I tried to join LHC@home. And therefore wanted to download Boinc.. But by clicking the link in the \\\"Join LCH@home\\\" section, an error page appears, saying, page not found, error 404..

What went wrong? How can I join?


The link goes to an old page that no longer exists.

The current link to download BOINC is

Also be aware that currently there is no work at this project.

Hope this helps

5) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Lack of Work units (Message 21441)
Posted 27 Jul 2009 by MSeery
Isn\\\'t the LHC@home pretty much doing what the Tier 2 section of the \\\"Grid\\\" is for? If not, maybe Tier 1 depending on design. So, why wouldn\\\'t LCH@home not be considered there? Maybe I don\\\'t know enough of the details behind LHC@home and the \\\"Grid\\\", but it sounds to me like it is just a trickle down effect and once data starts flowing, it would only be a matter of time. Just a thought and a positive spin. I\\\'m not going to assume its over til the Admins announce it so or the servers are permanently brought down.

helpful link: http://public.web.cern.ch/public/en/LHC/Computing-en.html

\"These so-called “Tier-1” centres make the data available to over 120 “Tier-2” centres for specific analysis tasks. Individual scientists can then access the LHC data from their home country, using local computer clusters or even individual PCs.\"

The admins have previously confirmed that there are no plans to port the Grid systems to run on BOINC, as they require a large amount of hard disc space, need a specific version of Linux, and have no-one available to actually do the porting.
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : when more work will be coming? (Message 21416)
Posted 30 Jun 2009 by MSeery
I just moved two of my Computers
over to this LHC Project.
I was apparently mistaken in
joining? There will be no work
from the September 2009
LHC collider \\\\\\\"Big Bang\\\\\\\"?
I need to make sure before
I put them back on the Einstein@Home
where I have a RAC of 20,100
ranking of about 42 with a total
of about 7 Million work Hours
in one year! I wanted to get a
head start on moving my stuff over
but after reading this Thread I must
ask for clarification. This project is only
to keep the LHC functional, not for
any research from the various LHC

The data produced by the LHC will be analysed through the Grid, which LHC@Home is not part of. What will happen to LHC@Home, goodness only knows. If you have some time, you can read through the posts made by the admin people

Alex Owen

Hope this helps

7) Questions and Answers : Windows : when more work will be coming? (Message 21302)
Posted 11 Mar 2009 by MSeery
I see, thanks. So is there no hope for this project to become a full fledged distributed computing project?

I\'m not quite sure what you mean by this. LHC@Home is a fully fledged project. It was created to help the building and tuning of the LHC, which is what it has done, and is continuing to do.


8) Questions and Answers : Windows : when more work will be coming? (Message 21297)
Posted 6 Mar 2009 by MSeery
Thank you. I'm hoping/assuming that when the LHC starts up in full later this year it'll generate some more work, lots more. It may be of a different nature though.

The administrators have stated that they are not planning on having any of the data generated by the LHC crunched through LHC@Home, due to the download size and OS requirements. They may have other projects run through CERN available at some point.
Why in the world are all of my apostrophes being converted into backslashes?!

This was a bug in the server code. It was fixed sometime ago, but admin haven\'t updated the code used by this project yet.


9) Questions and Answers : Windows : when more work will be coming? (Message 21199)
Posted 19 Feb 2009 by MSeery
Usually we find out there is more work by seeing it in our queues.

Is there any other way to know? An ETA of any kind? The people who administer this program I\\\'m sure have some idea of when stuff might be coming down the pipelines.

There isn\'t any way to know I\'m afraid. The work is added by the scientists when they need it done, which could be a day away, a week, a month or longer. The project administrators have previously said that they don\'t have any prior knowledge of when the work will be submitted, as it is an automated process which doesn\'t require any input from them.

Hope this helps

10) Questions and Answers : Windows : HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP (Message 21177)
Posted 11 Feb 2009 by MSeery

Work on this project is intermittent in nature, and at the moment there is no work to run, therefore you can\'t download anything.


11) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Problem loading my Avatar (Message 21081)
Posted 21 Jan 2009 by MSeery
Also where do you edit/make your signature as I cant find a page in my profile/account to do it :(

All I wanna do is add a link to my youtube.

It says add sig below but dont have any details anywhere.

To make a signature log into your account page here. Under the Preferences section there is one called Message boards and private messages. Click the link and this will take you to the options page where you can create your signature.

Hope this helps

12) Questions and Answers : Sixtrack : Unit 100% complete but still running ? (Message 20656)
Posted 13 Oct 2008 by MSeery

I\\\'m using BOINC manager, and in the Tasks window, i can see the \\\"Six Track 4.67\\\" unit In progress but at the same time the unit is finished 100% for many hours. BOINC has already downloaded the next unit.

Why ?

Thanks for helping me.


Are you running a 6.x.x client? A number of people have reported the same symptoms as you when running these clients. It is not yet clear why this occurs. The fix seems to be to downgrade to the 5.10.45 client here.

13) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Add tasks (Message 20644)
Posted 10 Oct 2008 by MSeery
I am install application, registred me and how i get any tasks?

I\'d suggest reading the following thread as it should answer your questions.
Please note: this project rarely has work.

14) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : How to set up boinc_cmd (Message 20626)
Posted 5 Oct 2008 by MSeery
Hello together.
First of all, please ask if I wrote unclear, my English is not the best.
At the moment I feal rather stupid. I installed the software on my ubuntu server and set up a account. I donnot have running dpkg or sth like that, actually I have no monitor plugged.
So I have to use boinc_cmd, at least I think so. But I don\\\'t get how to set it up. I get sth like this:
root@server1:/home/marc/BOINC# ./boinc_cmd --network_available
connect: Connection refused
can\\\'t connect to local host

Does anyone know how to set it up, if you had the time it would be awesome to get an step by step manual.
Greatings from Germany, Marc

The user manual at http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Main_Page might help. There is also an unofficial guide at http://www.boinc-wiki.info/Main_Page.

The specific page for boinccmd is http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Boinccmd_tool

The ports that BOINC uses are 80 for external communication and 31416 for internal.

Hope these help.

15) Questions and Answers : Wish list : A Macintosh OSX Client (Message 20599)
Posted 2 Oct 2008 by MSeery
Hello i\\\'m an italian student in computer sience engineer.
I would like to build the application also for Mac Os platform, where i can find all the information i need ?
Can anyone give me the binares files ?
Any suggestions is appreciated

As I understand it you can\'t, as it is closed source and not available to the public.

16) Questions and Answers : Windows : leave account (Message 20590)
Posted 1 Oct 2008 by MSeery
i want leave the project , how can i delete my e mail of this project?

You can\'t delete the account. If you don\'t want to leave your email, just log into the account page and click the link to change your email address and change it to junk (it doesn\'t have to be an actual address, just contain a @ sign).

Hope this helps

17) Message boards : LHC@home Science : work units (Message 20425)
Posted 18 Sep 2008 by MSeery
How often do they send work units?

When the scientists decide they need some more simulations. Previously this has varied from hours to months.

18) Questions and Answers : Windows : Stuck at 100%, still Running, high priority. (Message 20398)
Posted 17 Sep 2008 by MSeery
06.09.2008 12:30 BST -

Further to yesterday\'s news item, we are recommending that you download/use the 5.10.X version of the BOINC client for your operating system. We hope to have this sorted as soon as possible but with LHC turn on in 4 days everyone is busy preparing for that.
Later days,

They haven\'t said why version 6 clients don\'t work but the most likely explanation is that the science application isn\'t compiled against the version 6 API.

Version 6 clients do work, it seems to be just some workunits on some peoples computers that have this problem. I haven\'t had any problems running LHC on 6.2.18, and as WildKard said above, 1 workunit completed and 1 failed on his PC.

19) Message boards : LHC@home Science : never can attach lhc@home on mac...:( (Message 20341)
Posted 14 Sep 2008 by MSeery
Hi everybody !

i just would like to know when we can join the project on mac os x ?
I am really impatient
i\\\'m be on seti project since 2004
and in 2006 i attach lhc@hoame in boinc, but no work since ;)
and at 10 septembre i saw on lhc@home site \\\"We do not currently support Mac, sorry.\\\"
i\\\'m be very disappointed...
how many time we have to wait ?

Thanks in advance
best regard from french riviera.

The compiler used for Sixtrack is not available for the Mac, so at this moment in time, it looks like the Mac will never be supported.

20) Questions and Answers : Windows : Stuck at 100%, still Running, high priority. (Message 20340)
Posted 14 Sep 2008 by MSeery
Yes, it\\\\\\\'s the 6.2.17 client. Interesting to note it\\\\\\\'s a version problem. However, since I\\\\\\\'m running other projects I really don\\\\\\\'t want to go through the trouble of downgrading... also I\\\\\\\'ve personally found the 6.2.x series to be more sensitive and intelligent when it comes to determining idle time and running the cpu processing.

I have however got ONE lhc@home unit completed and reported (so I have 1 thing that my new project contribution works on it\\\\\\\'s own)... I did this by suspending the \\\\\\\'problem WU\\\\\\\' and the other one worked just fine. This one however continues to display the same behavior. Interestingly although it shows 100%, resuming it from suspension sends the progress meter down to 95% where it begins climbing back up to 100%. Once there however it continues to hang.

Currently I am just running LHC@Home on the one machine.

The only thing I could suggest would be to try upgrading to the latest 6.2.18 client. I don\'t think it\'s helped other people, but you never know.


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