1) Message boards : Theory Application : jobs stats page (Message 49500)
Posted 10 Feb 2024 by Anton
Dear All,
the jobs statistics page is working again at the original address:
2) Message boards : Theory Application : jobs stats page (Message 49228)
Posted 22 Jan 2024 by Anton
Dear All,

Due to the techinical reasons the page with jobs statistics are now available at:

Once the reasons will be solved (in a ~week) the page will be again available at old address:

3) Message boards : Theory Application : Theory Failure Ratio Explodes (Message 48575)
Posted 19 Sep 2023 by Anton
There was an update to the new version of scientific software yesterday.
The update has issues and this is the reason of failures. I am looking now for the solution and will update once it is fixed.
Thank you for the notice!
4) Message boards : Theory Application : Extreme Overload caused by a Theory Task (Message 42519)
Posted 16 May 2020 by Anton
Hi All,
Indeed the madgraph code default is to use all CPU cores.
This is corrected and the limit now is set to 2 cores max.
(It will take a few days until new jobs will arrive.)
5) Message boards : Theory Application : New production / sherpa fixes (Message 42497)
Posted 15 May 2020 by Anton
Hi Crystal,
This is an error in Rivet package which we use for analysis and histogramming, I have notified authors. It will be fixed in the some of the next version and the error will disappear.
Thanks for the pointer!
6) Message boards : Theory Application : Very short tasks (Message 42471)
Posted 14 May 2020 by Anton
Hi Christoph,
The detailed job log indicate the job failure is due to a network connectivity problem - the machine is not able to download some of files from CVMFS network file system for job execution. I am not sure what is the core reason for this, but it also could be weak network connection or firewall configuration.

- the performance statistics for this macine:

- relevant part of the detailed log (IO error):
$ cat pool/failed/2390/2390-1140084-3.tgz.log
===> [runRivet] Wed May 13 19:25:52 UTC 2020 [boinc pp mb-nsd 2360 - - pythia6 6.428 392 100000 3]
Building rivetvm ...
make: Entering directory `/shared/rivetvm'
/cvmfs/sft.cern.ch/lcg/releases/fjcontrib/1.041-66c72/x86_64-slc6-gcc8-opt/lib/libfastjetcontribfragile.so: file not recognized: Input/output error
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [rivetvm.exe] Error 1
make: Leaving directory `/shared/rivetvm'
ERROR: fail to compile rivetvm
7) Message boards : Theory Application : New production / sherpa fixes (Message 42364)
Posted 1 May 2020 by Anton
Dear Friends,

An updated* mcplots codes is subscribed for the BOINC production now.

This time the update addressed Sherpa event generator and particularly issues with the endless loops which should be significantly reduced or disappear now.

Happy crunching!
The Team

*: http://mcplots-dev.cern.ch/production.php?view=revision&rev=2390
8) Message boards : Theory Application : Only errors running Pythia8 with version 8.301 (Message 41508)
Posted 10 Feb 2020 by Anton
Hi Crystal,
The new revision is subscribed for production with the problem fixed.
Thanks for the notice!
9) Message boards : Theory Application : Tasks of new configuration (revision 2362) causing only errors. (Message 41229)
Posted 9 Jan 2020 by Anton
Ooops, one more environment setup problem which breaks visualisation, which leads to job stop.
Jobs queue with old jobs are cleared now, and new jobs will start without visualisation as a quick fix.
Let's see how this will work and next days I will do a proper fix to re-enable the visualisation.
10) Message boards : Theory Application : 32 bits platform phaseout (Message 41202)
Posted 8 Jan 2020 by Anton
Today the new configuration without 32 bits support is subscribed for the production at BOINC.
The 32 bits version of LHC@Home Theory application will be removed soon.

Enjoy the progress of new configuration (revision 2362) at:

Thank you for your 32 bits contributions, and Happy New 64 bits Year!
11) Message boards : Theory Application : 32 bits platform phaseout (Message 40624)
Posted 23 Nov 2019 by Anton
Dear Friends,

The MCPlots project is currently completing an upgrade of its event generator codes and we plan to introduce this revised code into mcplots tasks for BOINC production very soon. From this point on, it will unfortunately not be possible to support 32bit environments and we plan to remove the 32bit option from the Theory application.

To remind you, 32bit platforms are not officially supported by CERN for new installations of HEP codes since a few years already. So it has been more and more difficult to keep Theory compatible for 32bits even in "degraded" mode using only old versions of event generators. Currently the 32bit application contributes only 1-2% of total Theory computing power - see https://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/apps.php - so the phaseout will be practically invisible.

Nevertheless this marks a milestone for the Theory project, and it’s time to thank again our early volunteers who have continued to support us with 32bit systems during the general move to 64bits.

We recommend anyone who still runs on 32 bit systems to switch to Sixtrack which will support these for a while longer.

Anton for the Theory team

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