1) Message boards : Sixtrack Application : 11 (0x0000000B) Unknown error code (Message 35769)
Posted 4 Jul 2018 by imp-cen
Because that Mini has not too much RAM, I reduced the allowed WU to one and closed Firefox (which occupies the most RAM).
That has not changed the problem.

I have another installation on another mac for steam, which does not support 10.6.8 anymore.
Under 10.11.6 and with more ram the WU runs so far...

So I will crunch there from time to time...

Many thanks for your help!
2) Message boards : Sixtrack Application : 11 (0x0000000B) Unknown error code (Message 35730)
Posted 1 Jul 2018 by imp-cen
After some years, I updated the Boinc-client und tried to get some work on my old Mac Mini.

Because VirtualBox is not installed there are only Sixtrack-WU allowed.

Every WU is running 0 seconds and is exiting with that errorcode above.

I dont' get why - is my Mac to old / or not suitable for the WU?
If that is the reason, why they are sent?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : A Miracle! (Message 15841)
Posted 19 Dec 2006 by imp-cen
Christmas is early this year...

4) Message boards : Number crunching : O.K., I'm New! No Work?? (Message 14014)
Posted 17 Jun 2006 by imp-cen
there's something to do _now_

let's go!


Up, 10012 workunits to crunch
36236 workunits in progress
48 concurrent connections

oh, and even more...

Up, 24478 workunits to crunch
37110 workunits in progress
47 concurrent connections

like that...

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