1) Message boards : Number crunching : Any Mac work coming? (Message 18521)
Posted 2 Nov 2007 by Rakarin
No guarantees as we need to double check with the scientists but Garfield will probably run both PPC and Intel and we are talking to some people about SixTrack on Macs and would like it to be both PPC and Intel. I'm a Mac user so would like to crunch more than I do with just my work desktop.

I have a G5 PPC 2.3GHz, and I would love for it to crunch for LHC. I know the return on investment is not nearly as high as a x86 or x64 client (or, apparently, a PlayStation 3 client or graphics card GPU client), but Mac users tend to be loyal. Also, the PPC runs at a lower temperature, so for those of us in warmer climates, it is easier to leave a PPC Mac running at all times. (My Mac has averaged a down time of less than one month a year.)

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