1) Message boards : Number crunching : Who hoards the wu's? (Message 25115)
Posted 16 Jan 2013 by Chaz

Thanks for the update. We all appreciate your hard work. Good luck with sorting out the anomalies.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : pending credit (Message 22521)
Posted 4 Sep 2010 by Chaz
Like others I have pending credits going back to 2007. Yes it is frustrating but considering that this project nearly died due to Cern\'s lack of support I am just pleased that the project is up and running again. It is known that the servers /validator etc all need sorting out but until recently there has been virtually zero resource allocated to this project and it has largely relied on the good will of people like Neasan, BigMac etc. I think we are going to have to be patient for a bit longer until they have the time and resources to debug things.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : We will NOT be crunching the results of the LHC collisions (Message 22164)
Posted 30 Mar 2010 by Chaz
I feel like I should put on a hard hat at this point.

I have seen posts appearing fairly regularly asking when we will get data from the collisions to crunch.

Now some of that data is out I thought it was worth reminding people that the collision data is NOT going to be crunched by LHC@home. It will be crunched by a grid programmed specifically for the purpose.

LHC@home will be crunching sixtrack programmes in preparation for the upgrade of the LHC in due course.

I am posting this to save what is left of my sanity after seeing the same issue posted every couple of months or less (whilst waiting to snag an elusive wu).

Given the lack of active support for this project from CERN I think its amazing we have anything to crunch at all so a big thanks to BigMac and Neasan for all their work.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Long time pending credits (Message 22163)
Posted 30 Mar 2010 by Chaz
I have a few going back to 2007 but I would prefer that they spend their very limited time and resources moving things forward than sorting out problems from the past. If the server upgrade does the trick that\'s great but if it doesn\'t I wouldn\'t want them to expend too much effort sorting this out. I\'m just glad to be getting the odd wu after such a drought.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Actual LHC data to crunch? (Message 20166)
Posted 10 Sep 2008 by Chaz
So we did our duty and are no longer needed...?

There is talk of another project called Garfield.

Plus they will spend the winter preparing for the
High Energy beams so there may be more magnet tweaking
needed through sixtrack
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Please note: this project rarely has work (Message 19776)
Posted 6 Jul 2008 by Chaz
2008-07-06 20:06:03|lhcathome|Message from server: No work sent
2008-07-06 20:06:03|lhcathome|Message from server: (reached daily quota of 10 results)
But sadly the WU are corrupt and dont give much credit ... and you dont get more than 10 per day :rolleyes:


I don't think the work units are "corrupt". I think they are just crash and burn units where the particle stream is unstable or fails to curve thus burning a hole in the wall and apparently (according to some recent articles) triggering one the the following
a)the end of the world
b)an invasion by the daleks
c)a DNA test proving Darth Vader wasn't Luke's father after all
7) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Why only one result (Message 18833)
Posted 14 Jan 2008 by Chaz
Crash into the walls refers to those runs on sixtrack that finish extremely quickly because the simulated magnet configuration leads to a particle stream that is unstable or misdirected and the particles crash into the walls of the loop rather than spinning around in a coherent stream. I am a lay person so there maybe someone who can give a more technical explanation but this is the gist of it.

I crunch on a dual core with no problems but these very short "crash and burn" runs sometimes don't crunch for long enough to gain credits. However, its v. useful for the scientists to know that certain set ups bring disasterous results.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Not HAPPY people. (Message 13072)
Posted 19 Mar 2006 by Chaz
It is my understanding that they are evaluating the results of the last lot of work we did so they can develop the next study. I tend to suspend LHC@home when there is no work and just check this site regularly and reactivate once work appears rather than have my system trying to call for new work all the time. My CPU is crunching either Predictor or Fighting Aids as I write. I am really pleased to think that I have made a contribution, no matter how small, to the development of the LHC.

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