21) Message boards : Number crunching : Host corruption (Message 10951)
Posted 25 Oct 2005 by bass4lhc
at first i had no idea how i could see this corruption.
after reading the messages below i think i have to report:

boinc version 5.2.2

21906 and 22475 had no cpu's and os or a location.

22486, 47981 and 45829 only lost the location.

after resetting all locations to home and updating the project on all 5 (25/10/05 between 18:17 and 18:25 utc) everything seems fine.

but even while writing this 22475 lost it's cpu, os and location again.

at 18.57 22486 lost it's cpu, os and location
22) Message boards : Number crunching : hoarding (Message 10054)
Posted 11 Sep 2005 by bass4lhc
for science reasons lhc@home can neglect the donators choices?
lhc@home made a choice to use boinc. this includes the donators choices.
and lhc@home did nothing. donators had to find it out for themself.
i want to donate cpu time to lhc@home, so i do.
i, as a donator have the right to be informed how i can donate this time in the most optimal way.

@the gas giant
i am a plain donator, i am not messing with anything.

@jim baize
i think the problem you discribe is solved. the term overcommited might ring a bell? i never returned a result to late.

in short, inform the donators of cpu time to this project.
if a boinc project wants to use different settings then the general boinc settings inform your donators!

23) Message boards : Number crunching : hoarding (Message 10018)
Posted 10 Sep 2005 by bass4lhc
in the lhc update i read lhc@home wants to discourage "hoarding".

we, donators of cpu time, can only ajust our general boinc settings. we can try to get work for a maximum of 10 days. simply boinc options.

if lhc@home (or any other boinc project) wants to have this in any other way then change boinc. make boinc to notice the difference between projects. maybe then seti@home will accept a 10 day maximum and lhc@home something like 5 days.

just do not blame or disqualify the people with a longer reconnect time. we all are just using normal boinc options.

24) Message boards : Number crunching : Project Update (Message 9952)
Posted 6 Sep 2005 by bass4lhc
i fully agree with this question.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : one last plea (Message 9906)
Posted 4 Sep 2005 by bass4lhc
could it please be possible to put on your hompage what the boinc preferences should be to get work from the lhc@home project.

please just one answer from lhc itself.

message boards only keep us in the dark.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : information should not be that difficult (Message 9903)
Posted 4 Sep 2005 by bass4lhc
<blockquote>I worked out roughly the same figures as arcturus. So if it's credits you're looking for, go somewhere else, and stop whining to the rest of us.</blockquote>

whining? i just asked a question how i could configure my boinc so i could receive any lhc work.

if the rest goes off topic......

27) Message boards : Number crunching : information should not be that difficult (Message 9791)
Posted 1 Sep 2005 by bass4lhc
<blockquote>we are not getting work. while it is obviously there.

lowerring the network connection helps sometimes. why?

you have your own set of boinc rules?
maybe then you could make this public?


my question was simple. there is work, i just am not getting any. why?

a lower my cache size or a lower network connection time makes not any difference.

is it so difficult to put on the home page how to get work? i think not.

information is not difficult. just put in the effort for your donators.
28) Message boards : Number crunching : information should not be that difficult (Message 9743)
Posted 31 Aug 2005 by bass4lhc
we are not getting work. while it is obviously there.

lowerring the network connection helps sometimes. why?

you have your own set of boinc rules?
maybe then you could make this public?

29) Message boards : Number crunching : to ben segal (Message 9574)
Posted 22 Aug 2005 by bass4lhc
hello ben,

as you can see in the lhc forums, we, the donators of cpu time to lhc@home, are very hungry for information about the lhc project.

we understand there is not allways work for our cpu's.

but we would like to have more information about lhc@home without having to read every forum available.

could you please update the lhc homepage more often with the information we like to see.

friendly greetings,

btw. this is my personal summary of the boards. anyone how thinks i am talking for them, i am not.
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Related to the new php code (Message 9231)
Posted 8 Aug 2005 by bass4lhc
i also would like to have the pending credit back.
31) Message boards : Number crunching : shorter deadline please! (Message 7949)
Posted 3 Jun 2005 by bass4lhc
> Why the rules are not:
> First: obey the resource shares
> and second (!) : is there a deadline-conflict
> only a suggestion.
and a perfect suggestion.

we are donating our cpu time, we have the choice how to share this time if we run more boinc projects.

i run seti and lhc. i have work for both but only seti runs. there is in no way a reason for the panic mode in the client software, the seti wu's do not have to be returned in about 9 days.
i have set the client software with a preference for lhc. still i run much more seti then lhc due to the nature of this project. so long term or short term dept should make no difference, if i have lhc wu's they should run.

the size of the cache we donate to these project should never make a difference to our choices. we donate the space on our hd's!

switching between projects is on 1 hour, as recommended. but does not happen.

so we have all these choices, but nobody listens to them.

(and that's what happens if we are seen as users. this does not happen to donators.)

boinc should listen to littleBouncer's suggestion. it is to say the least "user"friendly.

by the way, with the introduction of boinc we were promissed we would never get wu's which our computers could not get ready on time.

i can suspend projects to reach my goal, if we all would do this boinc will be disrupted maybe?

32) Message boards : Number crunching : donated time wasted (Message 6954)
Posted 10 Apr 2005 by bass4lhc

> And finally my apologies to you if I sounded Critical of you before. There's
> many people here who like to complain to hear their voices, and I didn't look
> past the complaint to see the valid question behind it when I saw your post in
> the early morning hours.... :]
thanks for your answer logan 5.
and i gracefully accept your apologie ;)

even with the most new versions of the software the problem stays.
in an other part of this board i found a solution.
i keep every project in memory. this makes a difference.

it is however a problem which lhc@home should fix.
i donate spare cpu time. i did not hand over my computers.

friendly greetings,
33) Message boards : Number crunching : New WU -- no check point. (Message 6953)
Posted 10 Apr 2005 by bass4lhc
> I just discovered this: If you let units stay in memory when suspended, they
> won't restart after having been suspended. Strangely enough, they also
> continue after the machine has been restarted.
> The setting is found under "Your Account" -> "General Preferences" ->
> "Leave applications in memory while preempted?".
> Hope this helps you, it certainly helped me.
thank you, this seems to help.
lhc still has a problem but the software overhere runs as it should.
again, thanks
34) Message boards : Number crunching : donated time wasted (Message 6947)
Posted 10 Apr 2005 by bass4lhc
> If so, you have 3 choices:
> 1) Be patient and wait. Your clients will eventually down the 4.66 sixtrack
> 2) Reset the project which will delete everything in your LHC folder and
> download new work under the 4.66
> 3) Move to another project if the admins and the project are not meeting your
> expectations. There's nothing keeping you here if you are as unhappy as you
> appear to be....
> If you've bothered to look through the older posts, you'll see that the admins
> do NOT consider the "zero credit" WU's a waste as it's still the science being
> processed regardless, and that SHOULD be the most important reason to crunch,
> NOT the credits granted or the glory or whatever else drives a person.
> Does this help clear things up for you?

no, if i do option 1 i can wait the rest of my life. the old wu's will never end. they start over and over again.
option 2 is possible but no garantee.
option 3 is senseless. i donate cpu time to science. i don't care about ratings or whatever.

you seem to miss the point, i am not talking about zero credit wu's.
i am talking about wu's that will never report anything because they restart at 0% after every switch between projects.

i simply report a problem or 2 and you advise me to leave the project.
not the way to get results in science i think.

also, you suggest, like thegasgiant and other people, i should read older messages on the board. in this case i did, without result.
i have however simply not the time to read all the boards of the projects i donate to. do you mean boinc is only for people who have so many spare time so they can read all these boards?

i donate cpu time to science. i can however still be critical about the projects i donate to. it's not that strange if you donate something, you/i as donator wants to know what happens with what you/i donate.
this means i can expect info from the projects i donate to. do i get this? no. in your words, i am unhappy and should leave.
i have a better solution, lhc (and other boinc projects) should give more information. they simply could recognise that donated cpu time is something of value.

btw you did not mention option 4: stop donating anything.
35) Message boards : Number crunching : donated time wasted (Message 6930)
Posted 10 Apr 2005 by bass4lhc
> You must be blind...keep looking it's all there.
thank you paul, in your opinion this might be a constructive answer.

if i was blind there is no way i could read this forum.
36) Message boards : Number crunching : donated time wasted (Message 6927)
Posted 10 Apr 2005 by bass4lhc
many donators have wu's restarting at 0%
wasted cpu time. over and over again.

on the lhc@home site is no mention of this problem.

is our donated time that unimportant?

it is time you see us as donators. we pay to donate to your project.

information is all we ask.

37) Message boards : Number crunching : New WU -- no check point. (Message 6926)
Posted 10 Apr 2005 by bass4lhc
> If you use Boinc V4.2x you can abort individual WU by highlighting them in the
> Work tab and selecting Abort result in the tasks window. Other than that you
> could detach from the project, that would kill all the WU.
> I am not sure what file you need to delete to make WU error out.
@ aurora borealis: thank you for your answer. i did not know there was a new boinc version.
maybe the boinc people could find a way to let us know???

i will try your solution.

i see in the lhc download section only version 4.19, which i was using.
i am now running boinc 4.25. let's see what happens now.....

and some time later i see the problem still is there.
as usual there is no info from lhc. so i am going to abort results.
38) Message boards : Number crunching : New WU -- no check point. (Message 6924)
Posted 9 Apr 2005 by bass4lhc
> I got a couple of v64boince WU a few hours ago.
> I checked my message log and have been working on
> v64boince6ib1-25s8_10630_1_sixvf_1055_4 using sixtrack version 4.64
> It has been paused twice and apparently it has a similar problem to the old
> LHC WU. It reset to 0% and 0 CPU time when it is restarted.
i have the same problem on at least 4 computers.
all intel/winxp/sixtrack4.64
after every switch between projects the lhc@home wu's restart at 0%.
this way i never get any work done and lhc@home is wasting my donated time.

resetting these computers makes no difference.
i am not going to stop the other projects i am donating too, to resolve this problem.

can i just delete the lhc wu's and hope to get wu's that do work?
39) Message boards : Number crunching : information please (Message 6640)
Posted 20 Mar 2005 by bass4lhc
"9.3.2005 16:30 UTC
Bug fixing and testing will continue until next week.
In the mean time there will be very little work available."

you updated your page with information about well deserved t-shirts and a stop on new donators.

the above quoted week is some time behind us.
why is there no information for your donators on your progress?

we donators donate our cpu time to your project. i understand very well why there are not allways workunits.

i don't understand why your information about this is not available.

40) Message boards : Number crunching : Connection/Attachment problems (Message 6013)
Posted 24 Feb 2005 by bass4lhc

> >
> > No work available (daily quota exceeded)

thanks to mmciastro and Travis DJ for your reply.

i do work with version 4.19. this resolved the problem of getting wu's, i first had an older version.

i do get work every day, not to much though. my computers can handle this. so my demand is not to high. my connection is broadband, the kind which should be sufficient.

now i have wu's to keep my systems busy, this was not so when i wrote my first message. but still i get the daily quota message every day.

"fair use of WUs by its clients"
i don't see what you mean with this.
should i think that in a way it could become possible that every person on the planet with a computer does one wu? i know i go extreem but if there is some sort of fair use policy then the stats/credit system is useless, so why go on with it?

btw, i am not frustrated, i keep crunching.
i do think though that almost every boinc project should give much more information to it's donators. that's us.

friendly greetings,

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