21) Message boards : Number crunching : Segmentation violation (Message 20549)
Posted 27 Sep 2008 by Profile Alex
Would this be happening when the server cancels redundant work units? (Just speculating out loud)

22) Questions and Answers : Windows : Stuck at 100%, still Running, high priority. (Message 20459)
Posted 21 Sep 2008 by Profile Alex
One other thing... whatever\\\'s going on with the sixtrack_4.67_windows_intelx86.exe , it seems to occasionally cause Windows to play the Error Sound Event. However I have no messages on screen or in the BOINC messages area to give me any more information. I\\\'ve checked the computer\\\'s event log and there\\\'s nothing in there either.

A also think I should mention that BOINC\\\'s running in a protected account mode, which means the exe is running as it\\\'s own limited user: boinc_project. (I think this is something new with 6.2.x). That *might* be a reason I\\\'m not getting an error pop-up.

I got around the Vista permissions thing by installing Boinc in a separate directory than the default \'my programs\' location. I run it from it\'s own \'boinc\' folder on the C drive.

23) Message boards : Number crunching : This task works !!! (Message 20458)
Posted 21 Sep 2008 by Profile Alex
If you have a short WU and the server has 3 sucess results of this, then this WU will be aborted by the project.
example :here
It would be nice, when the server sends another WU instead of the server aborted.

greetz from Switzerlnad

Seems like boinc server is getting fixed up.
If the computers do crunch these work units, they only waste a couple seconds of cpu time.

24) Message boards : Number crunching : Hackers claim there’s a black hole in the atom smashers’ computer network (Message 20333)
Posted 14 Sep 2008 by Profile Alex
Just found on The Times Homepage:
\\\\\\\'Hackers have broken into one of the computer networks of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

A group calling itself the Greek Security Team left a rogue webpage describing the technicians responsible for computer security at the giant atom smasher as “schoolkids” — but reassuring scientists that they did not want to disrupt the experiment.\\\\\\\'

Does this touch LHC@home ?

Nope. LHC@home is at a university in England someplace. Cern is in Europe. It\'s a just a website defacement.

25) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Practical uses for mini black holes. (Message 20299)
Posted 13 Sep 2008 by Profile Alex
A lot of people have been worried about mini black holes causing trouble, but in reality, they can be beneficial.

Zero emission vehicles: just attach a mini black hole to the tail pipe, and no more smog, no more CO2.

A better vacuum cleaner. Throw out your old Dyson vac, and get a mini black hole vac. It\'ll really suck the dirt out of the carpet, and there\'s no dust bin to empty out.

Garbage disposal - just have a mini black hole under the sink - no more need to take out the trash. And no more need for landfills either.

Make the work day go by faster. Bring a mini black hole to your cubicle, and put in a 1 hour day. Due to time dilation, 8 hours will have passed in the rest of the company, and you can then go home.
You can even use one in the car to make the commute go by faster.

They attract members of the opposite sex!*
* Gravitational attraction. (Caution: they attract larger people even more)

Diet pill. If you have one in pill form, it will eat your food for you, so you can enjoy all the dessert you can eat and not worry about getting fat.

Tunneling - attach one to the front of a Tunnel boring machine and it will cut out a clean circular tunnel without having to replace cutters.

So, there you have it. Seven ways that mini black holes can make your life better.
26) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Congratulations on the start up! (Message 20195)
Posted 11 Sep 2008 by Profile Alex
It was interesting watching the startup on Daily Planet today. Impressed by the fact it basically worked an hour or so after turning it on.

27) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Cant get it working in Vista x64 (Message 20051)
Posted 9 Sep 2008 by Profile Alex

Has anyone got this software working with Vista 64 bit. I\\\'ve installed Boinc 5.10 and entered the web address on the \\\"join\\\" page on this side. Al I get is \\\"communication deferred\\\" with a countdouwn.

Am I being a muppet and forgotton something, or is there something else I need to do?



I think everyone gets \'communications deferred\' when there are no work units.
28) Message boards : LHC@home Science : They turned it on, tried it out, and it works. (Message 19914)
Posted 13 Aug 2008 by Profile Alex

.. thats assuming that some guy writing some blog
on the internet isn't just making stuff up.
29) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Results of the collusion(s) (Message 19910)
Posted 12 Aug 2008 by Profile Alex
Didn't find any information regarding this topic ...

My actual question :

Will the data of the collusion(s) also be analised via LHC@home or was it just for construction purposes ?

With Regards

The sixtrack client is for
construction and simulating the beam.
I think they were planning on using the GRID for
analyzing data when it gets turned on.
30) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Garrett Lisi article in New Yorker, July 21, 2008 issue (Message 19817)
Posted 19 Jul 2008 by Profile Alex
All the geometric shapes
in that theory reminded
me of Plato determining
that there must be a fifth
element, quntessence.
(earth air fire water.. quintessence)


Math is just applied philosphy,

31) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Garrett Lisi article in New Yorker, July 21, 2008 issue (Message 19811)
Posted 19 Jul 2008 by Profile Alex
I skipped to the summary at the end.
A lot of the 'Theories of everything' tend
to just cram the existing equations
together with the focus on making the math fit.

If the LHC does end up finding the higgs particle.
The real fun will be in when they do experiments
to see how that shiny new thing interacts
with everything else.
32) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Hei~!Look at the following massage,the disaster seems have an order (Message 19682)
Posted 27 May 2008 by Profile Alex
I have a desk globe on my desk.

Burma is close to the China earthquake.
Chile is on the complete opposite side of the planet from Burma.

I don't see how you get a 'circle' from this.

33) Questions and Answers : Windows : Internal error (Message 19473)
Posted 18 Apr 2008 by Profile Alex
I got this on my Messages for LHC:4/14/2008 12:21:29 PM|lhcathome|Message from server: Project encountered internal error: shared memory

What does this mean and what do I do to continue with th e project?

It means the server was down in some way.
34) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Answering of questions by LHC@home staff (Message 19472)
Posted 18 Apr 2008 by Profile Alex

ps where in Canada is this work creation going on? Im in Canada and its not that big a country so im sure i can drop by and see what all the delay is "aboot". :)

In another thread they mentioned that they were coming from Triumf in Vancouver.
35) Message boards : LHC@home Science : LHC - The Coming Revolution in Particle Physics (Message 19375)
Posted 12 Apr 2008 by Profile Alex
That was a nice read. Thanks for posting that.
36) Questions and Answers : Windows : compound pendulum (Message 19297)
Posted 24 Mar 2008 by Profile Alex
Hello, I am really stuck on my physics coursework and was wondering if you where able to help me.
I have to calculate gravity using a compound pendulum, but i have 2 values for h because h1+h2=L
i worked out h by doing h(squared)- Lh +k(squared)=0

i am using the formula T= 2(pie)(Square root) (k (squared)+(h squares)/ gh)

Im stuck please help


If a=b
then does a squared = b squared ?

I think squaring both sides will help get rid of that scary square root sign.
37) Message boards : Number crunching : why my credit is lower than everyone else? (Message 19178)
Posted 7 Mar 2008 by Profile Alex
The WU with the 34.67 credit granted has [url]http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/result.php?resultid=11865322
[/url] as a result.

The validate state is listed as invalid.
Validate state Invalid
Claimed credit 67.1613128942793
Granted credit 34.6737190454881

You may want to give Testfloat a try.

C:\\testfloat\\Test>testfloat -all -errorstop
Testing floatx80_eq_signaling.
46464 tests total.
46464 tests performed.
No errors found in floatx80_eq_signaling.
Testing floatx80_le_quiet.
46464 tests total.
46464 tests performed.
No errors found in floatx80_le_quiet.
Testing floatx80_lt_quiet.
46464 tests total.
46464 tests performed.
No errors found in floatx80_lt_quiet.

My results are valid results, not those invalid ones.

Take a look at this WU, everyone else is getting 69.35, but I only get 34.67! why?


38) Message boards : Number crunching : why my credit is lower than everyone else? (Message 19172)
Posted 6 Mar 2008 by Profile Alex
When this project started, they were getting different results from AMD versus intel pc's, and they would have three intel machines with one result, and one or two other machines with a similar result, but outside of the matching spec of the first group of three.
There's a feature where the second group of results gets half credit.

Your result has the 'invalid' tag, because it didn't completely validate.

Most likely it's because of errors in the simulation propagating over 1,000,000 turns instead of 100,000 turns.

Possible causes of floating point errors could be:
Your floating point processor is different.. you can test it with Testfloat to see if it passes the Ieee744 spec

Your PC could be heating up. I once had and IBM which didn't have the heat sink properly seated from the factory.. so it would act up after a couple of hours.

Your PC may be overclocked. Most software is integer based and uses boolean logic, but floating point errors rarely cause a program to exit with an error. In fact you could have a wrong result in the last digit when you calculate the square root of two, but nobody would notice unless they're a super math geek.
39) Message boards : Number crunching : Code error logging in here (Message 19140)
Posted 2 Mar 2008 by Profile Alex
There is some kind of error when you try to login here.

I just tried to login a few minutes ago, but it would not let me. So i tried it several times to make sure that it was not my cap locks or a spelling mistake.

It turned out that i was not allowed to login unless i ticked the box that says "Remember me each time i visit".

While i was trying this login procedure, i said i would try get the project to email me my account key so i could use that. But no good, it would not email the account key to me either. It said "Can't send email to XXXXX@hotmail.com:"

I should not have to tick that box to login.


As a user with a hotmail account, I havent' been able to repeat your issue with the hotmail thing. Maybe they fixed the email thing.
The checkbox issue sounds like a browser cookie thing.
40) Message boards : LHC@home Science : LHC in APOD (Message 19094)
Posted 26 Feb 2008 by Profile Alex
I recall the Jedi version of this pic

.. note the double ended light saber.

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