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Posted 12 May 2007 by Profile ThEfT

The transition is progressing. Hope to have some more concrete information on the front page soon.

The project has been through a number of admin's hands and so information has been spread thinly. Thinks have taken time as I have had to scrape the information together and when I find something out it solves 1 problem but reveals 2 more...

I know a number of you are feeling frustrated about this... if it is any comfort so am I!!!

Bye for now

Alex Owen

LHC@Home Server Admin
If we can help you somehow, please let us know. Some of us are already quite experienced with the server part.
2) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Massive Censorship at Predictor Boards! (Message 16607)
Posted 23 Mar 2007 by Profile ThEfT
Predictor@home is censoring massively at their boards and is restricting the freedom of opinion of their registered users in an inappropriate manner. After a discussion had started about the attitude of the project administration towards a big cheating issue in this thread. That thread was closed immediately to avoid any different opinion.

After that any new discussion thread and any question concerning "censorship" were "answered" with the immediate deletion of the postings/threads. Even accounts were fully blocked for posting (in my case until the year 2038!!).

I think it is not acceptable that the freedom of opinion is restricted in that way and I want to ask the BOINC community members to form an opinion about this. Try for yourself and start asking about this all at the P@H message boards!

In between even account creation was disabled to prevent the "bad users" from posting further questions. After that didn't help meanwhile whole IP ranges are blocked from access to the complete Predictor homepage!

There's an ongoing discussion over at the BOINCstats forum, where also the beginning of this whole mess is to be found. See: Trojan boinc installation by rogue member
3) Message boards : Number crunching : no work from project (Message 7948)
Posted 3 Jun 2005 by Profile ThEfT
I also got some :)

30,000 jobs for 6000 Users...they really have to produce more if they want to go public.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : no work from project (Message 7939)
Posted 3 Jun 2005 by Profile ThEfT
The work was only enough for 17 minutes or so.
But i think this was (hopefully) not the "big work" that has been promised.

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