1) Message boards : LHC@home Science : screensaver/graphics bug (Message 23308)
Posted 1 Oct 2011 by Profile ChertseyAl
Perhaps a screensaver showing faster than light neutrinos ... Oh, no, wait ... ;)

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Too low credits granted in LHC (Message 23261)
Posted 25 Sep 2011 by Profile ChertseyAl
CWe've been trying that for years and it hasn't worked, mostly because renegade projects refuse to do the decent thing and comply

Oh my. That's fighting talk right there :)

Who is this "we" of which you speak?

"Comply" is a very nasty word. The beatings will continue until you comply etc etc.

Trying to figure out who you are ... Stooge for DA? Let's see some stats:

How many projects are you / have you crunched?

What authority do you have to speak for the whole BOINC community (beacause, believe me, this *is* a community)?

You could just be a troll of course :)

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Too low credits granted in LHC (Message 23256)
Posted 25 Sep 2011 by Profile ChertseyAl
Cross-project credit equality is impossible. Full stop.

CreditNew does not solve it, and is pretty much a random number generator. CreditNew should be avoided at all costs, IMO.


Don't know why people get so hung up over credit. Not much you can do with it. They don't accept it in payment at my local supermarket. Some people have more of an utterly worthless thing than others. Awesome.

As for "fairness" maybe we should ban GPUs - They produce too much credit compared to CPUs. Just look at the top RAC projects - All GPU - Unfair! ;)

This credit chestnut comes up time after time. Maybe credit should only be awarded when you have found a new megaprime, pulsar, cure for cancer etc ;)

It's just a fun thing. I see no evidence of "credit wars" or "flocking". I suspect the most avid credit-cops believe in faeries and unicorns. Bless.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Not getting any work (Message 22914)
Posted 6 Sep 2011 by Profile ChertseyAl
Oh, there's work? I'm not getting any.

Do I need to detach and reattach? If so, which URL please? Still attached with the original one here.


5) Message boards : Number crunching : Recent Sixtrack credit (Message 22810)
Posted 15 Jun 2011 by Profile ChertseyAl

30 minute tasks for a credit of 0.03

Really? I\'ve crunched a 100+ WUs today and all of the \'long\' ones (about half of them) awarded the right sort of credit.

The other half were only a few seconds and awarded 0.03 or similar, which would be about right.

This batch does seem to contain far more beam-crashers than recent ones. Perhaps they can\'t control those 14 TeV beams ;)

6) Message boards : Number crunching : unfair spread of limited work? (Message 22749)
Posted 7 May 2011 by Profile ChertseyAl
How is it decided who gets work and who doesn\\\'t and why?

I think it\'s more down to knowing the \"window of opportunity\" and having plenty of hosts asking (begging!) for work.

My approach: A dozen hosts, resource share set to 10 times any other projects, and making sure the hosts are asking for work at the magic time on the magic day (i.e. not on a 3 hour holdoff).


p.s. The magic day of week and time is ... ubacrybcauby^DQX&£Q CARRIER DROP ;)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Please note: this project rarely has work (Message 22733)
Posted 22 Apr 2011 by Profile ChertseyAl
But yeah, just keep it connected if you want to get something. Something should come, eventually.

Loads of work at the moment - Just hit my 50K milestone :)

I suspect getting to the 100K is going to quite tricky though :(


8) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc farms. (Message 22580)
Posted 18 Oct 2010 by Profile ChertseyAl
At the other end of the scale, my farm is rather more a window box or perhaps flower pot :)

12 boxes
19 hyperthreads/cores
32.13Ghz total clock frequency
16GB memory
No idea how much HD space (bulk storage is on NAS boxes)

This excludes a couple of laptops that I rarely BOINC on, and one of the above is in a bedroom so often has BOINC suspended to keep the fan noise levels down :)

All machines are P4s, mostly HT and a couple of Celerons. No multicore processors, no graphics cards. All bought second hand for $30-$100 with valid/legal XP installed. Although I did install Linux on one when I had driver problems, and on another when I wanted something to play with :)

Memory is only upgraded when there is spare memory from a better machine that\\\'s been upgraded (with cheap secondhand memory) or from a dead machine. Other parts are salvaged from dead machines to keep others alive. The only parts bought (rarely) are secondhand PSUs and CPU fans. I\\\'ll move processors around too sometimes.

The only truly dead machines that I\\\'ve had have blown mobos or no cheap spare PSUs available. Only 3 IIRC.

Best RAC I can achive? About 11K! :)

Why do I bother? Well, it\\\'s fun. I don\\\'t tend to crunch the big-hitter projects, rather the ones I feel like at the time. I rarely concentrate on a single project for more than a week at a time. I have a short attention span ;)

Downsides? Space for 12 boxes - Most are in my workshop. Electricity costs - Yeah, this is a bad one. Heat generation - Keeps my workshop a bit warmer though, and my home office has the rest of the machines and requires little extra heating in the winter :)

I could get better RAC from a single quad with a graphics card in it. But where would be the fun in that ;)

9) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Just because you hide the UOTD ... (Message 21396)
Posted 12 Jun 2009 by Profile ChertseyAl
Just because you hide the UOTD to conceal the endless spammers doesn\\\'t mean that they don\\\'t get published elsewhere ...

Check out http://www.myboinc.com/ to see the humilating dross that gets the UOTD every day. Not very professional is it?


a) Stop the spammers
b) Ask MyBOINC not to carry your UOTD


10) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Is the LHC already obsolete? (Message 20935)
Posted 9 Jan 2009 by Profile ChertseyAl
Is the LHC already obsolete?

Alternate collision method suggests LHC may have been total waste of $9 billion

No. Did you read the article? No? Thought not.

Why do you always post in BOLD you numbnuts?


11) Message boards : Number crunching : All my WUs resulted invalid (Message 20728)
Posted 30 Oct 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
I\\\'ve some wjuly_lhcboind that passed successfull, but other no.

I haven't had a single successful work unit from this batch. They all complete OK, but get changed to client error some time later. I have some pending WUs, but I doubt that any of those will survive validation.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to get any credit on this project. It would be nice to struggle up from 9k to 10k, but I need work that works :)


p.s. I see the message posting window still doesn\'t work properly. Nice.

p.p.s. I see the quote marks still haven't been fixed. Double nice.
12) Message boards : LHC@home Science : LHC: Satan's Stargate to Earth! (Message 20131)
Posted 10 Sep 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
This Idiot is beyond belief. I thought peolple with this mind set died out in the 1400`s maybee he thinks the world is flat and held up with elephants or something.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duh. It\'s turtles, as any fule kno.


13) Message boards : Number crunching : nevermind (Message 19871)
Posted 4 Aug 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
i answered my own question

Was the answer 42?

14) Message boards : Cafe LHC : new boy (Message 19870)
Posted 4 Aug 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
have never done any work!

Work here is very sporaic and short-lived. There was a tiny flurry of work early today, but it's all gone now :(

15) Message boards : Cafe LHC : BONIC screensaver (Message 19869)
Posted 4 Aug 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
is the bonic screen saver meant to just the the bonic symbol in the middle of the screen?

because dosent having a static image on the screen defeat the purpose of a screen saver?

The LHC screensaver is one of the most attractive ones that there is.

Perhaps it's been changed/disabled recently - I have no LHC WUs at the moment.

Or do you mean BOINC rather than LHC specifically?

16) Message boards : LHC@home Science : LHC Images (Message 19868)
Posted 4 Aug 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
Great pictures from the LHC


Congratulations! You've won this week's "Post The Same Link A Day Later In A New Thread Award"




17) Message boards : Number crunching : Download problems? (Message 19838)
Posted 28 Jul 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
One of my machines started trying to download two wu's about two hours ago, and has been getting error messages "temporarily failed... HTTP error". Time to kick your server or my machine (or both)?


Ok, +2 ;)

2 WUs stuck with http errors attempting download.

[Weird - Can't easily edit the quoted text above as ...
... the text isn't wrapping properly. Also can't see ...
... what I'm typing now. Do we have to ...
... just type short lines ...
... from ...
... now ...
... on ...]

18) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Colder than space (Message 19816)
Posted 19 Jul 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
The Large Hadron Collider is entering the final stages of being lowered to a temperature of 1.9 Kelvin (-271C; -456F) - colder than deep space


It will then be shut down for the winter, so that the magnets can be "trained" to handle a beam run at seven trillion electron-volts

Looks like lots of work coming up for us here then :)

19) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Article of the LHC in "Astronomy Now" (Message 19728)
Posted 20 Jun 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
The current (July 2008) issue of "Astronomy Now" magazine has an article of the LHC: "The World's Biggest Machine".

A fairly lightweight summary - Expect it to be in the archive at http://www.astronomynow.com/ in a month or so.

20) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Hei~!Look at the following massage,the disaster seems have an order (Message 19693)
Posted 29 May 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
If the CERN don't stop, more disaster will happen as the Predict~!!


Another earthquake just happened - In Iceland!


That places another point on the circle, this time in the Northern hemisphere.

Where next? Got to be western Russia or Northern Scnadinavia.

People, get out of those places!!1!!1!!! RUn fro your lives!!!11!1!1!!!!!


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