1) Message boards : Number crunching : LHC BOINC work credits (Message 25685)
Posted 5 Aug 2013 by dbanfi
Hello everybody,
actually I'm not aware of how the credit are assigned, but I'm sorry to see that people out there are not happy. The problem is that we have lot of work to do here, and unfortunately checking that everything work well and everyone get the credit he deserve is not an easy task.
What I can say is we will try to have a look at the problem and maybe find a better solution.
Anyway, I think that you all subscribed to LHC@home project because you were in some way interested in what we are doing and wanted to help us as you can, not only for getting some credits...
You have to trust me when I say that we really appreciate your help and that without you all our life will be a lot more complicated!
Thanks and keep supporting us!
2) Message boards : News : Dynamic Aperture Tune Scan (Message 25497)
Posted 19 Mar 2013 by dbanfi
@ dbanfi: If you want to supply work to all machines it needs to be 50000 jobs at least.
If you have less it's not really necessary to make an announcement. They will be gone too fast.

Hi, I submitted something like 80kjobs, but unfortunately for the kind of study I'm doing I cannot summit in a "parallel" way...so the submission takes some time and the charge is spread over few hours.
I know that probably make an announcement is not necessary, but I like to let people know what we are going to do with their machine! :D
3) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Dinamic Aperure studies: ready to go! (Message 25489)
Posted 15 Mar 2013 by dbanfi
Hi Guys,
we had some few problems here, and we cannot submit the whole bunch of simulations, but only some few test jobs. Now should be solved and in the next few days you will (hopefully...:D) receive jobs to crunch!
Just a little bit more of patience!
Ciao ciao!
4) Message boards : News : Dynamic Aperture Tune Scan (Message 25488)
Posted 15 Mar 2013 by dbanfi
Hello everybody,
after some few technical problem in the last few days, we are now ready to submit a first Tune Scan for the Dynamic Aperture study we are performing at CERN.
This simulations will give us a first hint on how the HighLuminosity upgrade for the LHC will work, and in particular the effect of the Beam-Beam interaction will be analysed.
This will be only the first bunch of simulations, because various scenario are possible for this upgrade, and we need to deeply investigate each one of them to decide which one is the one that better fit our requirements...so keep you machine ready to crunch!!
5) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Dinamic Aperure studies: ready to go! (Message 25472)
Posted 8 Mar 2013 by dbanfi
I'm submitting on LHC@home new studies on Dinamic Aperture for the High Luminosity upgrade for LHC. In few word, this possible upgrade for LHC will bring the luminosity (that is proportional to the number of event recorded) up to a factor 10, and we need to make simulation to see how the machine need to be changed to work in this new configuration. We will perform lot of studies, I will keep you updated and give you some more infos later on! So, keep you pc ready!! :D
6) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Antimatter, Antitime, and Anti-photons. (Message 25471)
Posted 8 Mar 2013 by dbanfi
Hello Aaron,
I think you have some confusion about what antimatter is. Antimatter already exist in the universe, it's not a "star trek" stuff. Each particle have his antiparticle, that is perfectly identical, except for the electrical charge that is opposite. That it. No backwards travel in time are implied. For example, electron have is how antiparticle, the positron, that is one of the 2 particles produced when a photon "materialise" in the pair production process. Al this phenomena are well known, nothing exotic here. For sure you heard about the LEP accelerator, the one that was at cern before the LHC era. Well, the LEP (Large Electron Positron collider) was, as his name suggests, a collider of electron and positron, so a collider of matter and antimatter if you want. So, you see, there is nothing really "strange" in antimatter. At cern the experiment ALPHA is studying the properties of the anti-idrogen, that means an atoms built with an antiproton and a positron.
The problem with antimatter is that interacting with matter it annihilates into photons (that is the way you detect it) and is difficult to confine an neutral atom of antimatter for long time.
There are a lot of question still open regarding the dark matter in the universe, but it is excluded that they are built by antimatter, otherwise they will annihilate through interaction with normal matter.
What I want to stress is that antiparticles **are not** travelling back in time. Nothing to human knowledge can. If you heard of this "feature" referred to the Feynman diagrams, this is only a pure mathematical assumption, that is used to make computation easier in a more graphical way. No physical meaning here.

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