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Posted 11 Jul 2012 by Profile sysfried
Happy, Thank you, more please! :-)
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Posted 6 Jul 2012 by Profile sysfried
I got tasks last nite all running smoothly since.......
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Posted 4 Jul 2012 by Profile sysfried
WUs ready to send 18,128
WUs in progress 24,574

But my Host is getting "no tasks available"...

I guess it's just a hickup?


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Posted 2 Jul 2012 by Profile sysfried
Excellent... powering up all hosts to help LHC find that boson thingy! ;-)

juuuuuuust kidding!!!! :-)

Keep the work coming!
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Posted 29 Jun 2012 by Profile sysfried
Hi TJ.

If both BOINC versions use "ProgramDATA and Program Files" it could still work (it's the registry keys that point to it). I think I remember that it was introduced in BOINC 6.x

If the PING fails, you could try a tracert to that IP and if it fails at the first node, you have a local problem, because I can ping it all the way.

There is no easier way to get the workunits transferred. The WUs are mentioned in several XML files and it's more work to find out where each WU is mentioned and modify that rather than copying the whole BOINC folder.

If you have a PRE-BOINC 6.x version, try downloading a current version Setup file, it should be able to transition the workunits to the new version.


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Posted 29 Jun 2012 by Profile sysfried
oh I forgot:
my host list did not had any entries than my local host.
However I have set boinc05.cern.ch
to try to use that server but that isn't working either.

also try to set: lhcathomeclassic.cern.ch to that IP... because it's the IP, BOINC resolves first.
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Posted 29 Jun 2012 by Profile sysfried
Ok, here it goes with the "Boinc Transfer HOWTO":

This applies if you have one machine without proper internet (it could be a powerful machine behind a tight firewall or simply without enough bandwith).

PC#1 is the one without internet
PC#2 is the one with internet connection.

Assuming that both have more or less the same BOINC version and both run windows.
Also assuming that PC#2 also does BOINC. If it doesn't, skip the backup and restore parts.

First step: Locate all BOINC Files on your PC#2. Stop BOINC (check taskmanager) and rename the two primary folders:
C:\Program Files\BOINC and
C:\ProgramData\BOINC and rename the folder to: BOINC_backup

Second step: Make sure BOINC is not running while you do this! Then create ZIP Files of those files on PC#1 (I call them: Program_Files_BOINC.zip and ProgramData_BOINC.zip) put them on a USB stick and get them transferred to PC#2.
Put them into the right destination (Program_Files_BOINC.zip goes to: c:\Program Files\ and you should figure where the other file goes to...
UNZIP both files.

Third step: Start BOINC Manager. Now you should see all workunits that have been processed on your PC#1 and just in case you don't have "networking disabled", it should automatically upload.
You might want to use this point to grab some new work if any is available....
Then make sure the results are submitted and a manual refresh on the project makes sure they dissapear from your "Tasks" tab.
After that is done, end BOINC Manager.

Fourth step: Zip the folders like you did on PC#1 (or step #2) and move them back to your PC#1 so you can run BOINC there again.
Delete the BOINC folders on the PC#2 (ONLY BOINC NOT BOINC_BACKUP!!!!!)
Rename the folders again and your PC#2 should be able to continue work.

Fifth step: Just to make sure, rename BOINC to BOINC_OLD and unzip the files you just brought back to your internet-less PC. Just to assure you don't run into issues with overwriting files....

Restart BOINC.

This Howto is much easier if you use Linux. Where the BOINC Files are all in the same directory (wherever you had the boinc installer extract it to). In my case, this is: /home/sysfried/Downloads/BOINC

Now you wonder why this works? Well, the BOINC installer will create a unique ID in one of the XML files (don't ask me which one) to identify the host.
Resetting the Project will also create a new UIN.
CPU ID changes or maybe even the platform (Intel vs. AMD), will not affect the unique ID of the BOINC host.

This is only a workaround for your problem TJ, but I hope it helps you submit your WUs.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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Posted 29 Jun 2012 by Profile sysfried
Do you have an alternative PC where you could upload the WUs from? There are ways to move your BOINC installation to a alternative PC.

Also, please check if you have a firewall on your PC, on your Router.
Please also check the "hosts" file. Maybe it contains false entries.
On Windows, it can be found in the C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc path. If you find lhc related entries there, remove them, because they could override your DNS settings.

also, please ping:
for me, it resolves to: boinc05.cern.ch (

hope I can help. you may also contact me with a friend request, so I can give you my email.


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Posted 27 Jun 2012 by Profile sysfried
can you please post the message log and possibly check for entries in the hosts file... or a ping check?
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Posted 20 Jun 2012 by Profile sysfried
all well here, sorry.

can you post the exact error log?
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Posted 1 Apr 2012 by Profile sysfried
just fyi everyone.. I'm getting WUs today.. not a big load, but some :-)
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Posted 20 Jul 2007 by Profile sysfried
My boxes are already crunching fine (I have got several LHC-WUs), but I still see following messages:

20/07/2007 12:40:39|lhcathome|You used the wrong URL for this project
20/07/2007 12:40:39|lhcathome|The correct URL is http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/
20/07/2007 12:40:39|lhcathome|Using the wrong URL can cause problems in some cases.
20/07/2007 12:40:39|lhcathome|When convenient, detach this project, then reattach to http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/

I thaught, this would repair itself, but it is still the same. I was hoping, that it would repair if the client got one or more WUs, but the messages are still there.

So, here is the question again: Do I really need to detach / reattach all my boxes ?

quick answer: YES... do it while there's still work

you can merge your new host id with the old ones afterwards.

wait.. don't detach if you have lhc wus crunching right now
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Posted 18 Jul 2007 by Profile sysfried
Gut! :-)

Is that means I will be able to attach my 64-bit OS to this project?

It says here:


that there are only x86 versions of the LHC client...

I recommend installing the 32-bit Boinc software on your host. Windows XP-64 can run 32 bit Boinc Manager and Apps without problems. It's just that there are few projects that have 64 bit clients.


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Posted 3 Jul 2007 by Profile sysfried
very nice design! :-)

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Posted 26 Jun 2007 by Profile sysfried
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Posted 21 Jun 2007 by Profile sysfried
well, the headlines got me back... my hosts are attached again...

keep it going Neasan and Alex!


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Posted 15 May 2007 by Profile sysfried
I still have a pending credit.
I really don't know how long it's there.


It will stay there until it will be deleted forever. You will not get any credit for that.

All the other results have their credits granted and the result files have been removed from the server, so you will end up with nothing. Sorry, man!

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Posted 11 May 2007 by Profile sysfried

Sysfried.....Xeon 7110's.......Tulsa's ? Right ?
I have access to set of 7120's.....I would like to know more about your machine.
Please contact me.

my LHC nick @ (biggest search engine corp these days)mail.com


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Posted 7 May 2007 by Profile sysfried
By by !


If you leave quickly you can take your time coming back.

Quickly? I've been a LHC member for 2 1/2 years... This is not a quick decision.
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Posted 7 May 2007 by Profile sysfried

Time to cut down on LHC.


If the admins ever decide to return to this project, they just may send out some sort of newsletter, otherwise I won't check the site anymore.

I'll disconnect my hosts within the next few days. It's been nice, but not nice enough. Have a good life everyone out here !!


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