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Posted 15 Dec 2017 by cykodennis
...and unfortunately, there won't be support for KVM ever.
This was discussed before.

Main reason for BOINC (in general) relying on VBox instead of more performant Hypervisors, was because they hoped it would simplify things for developers and users.
VBox was available for Windows and Linux and understandable for all kind of users. At least in theory, cuz imho, this all wasn't so simple as they thought.
Message boards were/are full of VBoxVersionXYZdoesn'tworkwith or plzdon'tupdate or thissimplydoesn'twork.
To make things worse, wrapper development is the most difficult part of it all (means, the communication between BOINC at the hypervisor with the VM inside), at least this was told to me.

Guess, things were the same for lhcathome, which seems to be a little funny, because especially CERN should have good experiences with the distributions of complete VMs (like the Cern VM). If they would distribute properly configured VMs for all kind of hypervisors, this would really simplify things for all.
Bandwith for the first download shouldn't be that problem. In times, when people are willing to spend their bandwith for Windows 10, no one can really complain about a seldom download of an ~ 10 GB image.

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