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Posted 8 Aug 2012 by Profile Vesper
Actually I'm in for another reason than points, I like the LHC idea itself, but points do play a motivational role in participating longer. I believe it's similar with other people interesting in distributed computing. After all, many things today include e-rulers to measure against other people, and if it works, why neglecting it? But with current desolation of cs/hour, even with constant flow of tasks, I've stepped down a little from the project. (To be honest, I do play points-wise, in POEM@home, performing tenfold vs Einstein on my simple GPU)

Also, there's a "Formula BOINC" thing that doesn't care about points across projects, and we're in it as a team.
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Posted 7 Aug 2012 by Profile Vesper
it's great to know what is the problem (finding out there's NO problem), but seriously, no credits for such WUs will earn you a serious fall in project participation. I'm a somewhat devout LHC cruncher, while not great, and seeing this:
with 260k seconds earn me 277cr is greatly discouraging. Still it's good to know this is being addressed.

By the way, you can shift to fixed credits for 10m turns runs once they pass validation, and some fixed credits for failed runs too, depending on when they have failed, taking values from the task result (I expect it sends the number of turns when it discovers particles to hit the wall).
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Posted 11 Jul 2012 by Profile Vesper
Same here. LHC@home was great, even when there were almost zero tasks, until recently. Do fix your upload/download server, otherwise you will only get failures, and even you can break the LHC itself with this. Grrrr.

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