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Posted 15 Nov 2016 by captainjack
Ah, now I can see the options in Windows. I was taking the old link and putting https in front of it. That gets a security certificate error. The https web site has a different address. When I linked from BOINC, it worked. I have updated my favorite link to the new address.
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Posted 15 Nov 2016 by captainjack
When I access the web site using Ubuntu/Firefox, I can see options to let me select applications that I want to run, number of tasks to download at one time and number of tasks to run at one time for each profile.

When I access the web site using Windows 10, I do not see any of those options.

When I access the web site using Windows 10 and use the https:// address, the browser shows a Security Certificate Error.
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Posted 8 Jun 2015 by captainjack
Jim Martin,

I just removed the LHC@Home project and re-added it using both methods and they both worked fine for me.

I added it first using the "LHC@Home" listing in the pick-list under tools -> add project. As soon as it was added, it said that the master file was downloaded. I looked in the BOINC\projects\lhcathomeclassc.cern.ch_sixtrack folder and didn't see anything. I went ahead and removed it again and added it back in using the http://lhcathomeclassic.cern.ch/sixtrack address and it was re-attached. It said the master file was downloaded but I didn't see anything in the BOINC\projects\lhcathomeclassc.cern.ch_sixtrack folder. Then it downloaded a task, the task appeared in the project folder and now the task is running.

Please try to add it again and if it still doesn't show up, post the related messages from your event log. Maybe that will help give us some clues as to why it is not adding.

As a general question, are you able to add any other projects?
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Posted 7 Jun 2015 by captainjack
Jim Martin,

If you open BOINC Manager, then "Tools", then "Add Project" it should bring up another window where you can select "Add Project" and click "Next". Then a list of projects you can pick from should pop up where you can choose "LHC@Home".

Or if you want to type the name in yourself, use "http://lhcathomeclassic.cern.ch/sixtrack".

Hope that helps.
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Posted 24 Aug 2013 by captainjack
Looks like you are running Linux and got a signal 11 error. The same thing happens over at WCG. Some of their projects will abort with a signal 11 and some keep running. Some people believe it is as much of a Linux problem as it is a BOINC/research problem. It never happens on my Windows 7 boxes.

Many people are reluctant to switch to Windows for a variety of reasons, one of which is that Linux is reputed to be 10-15% faster than Windows. For some of the WCG projects, Linux is about twice as fast as Windows.

So we keep running Linux knowing that it will have an occasional hiccup but there will be an overall speed gain.

Hope that helps.
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Posted 15 May 2013 by captainjack
Hi jelle,

Are you running Linux? Since you are using 7.0.65 BOINC, I'm guessing that is the case.

On my Linux Ubuntu machines, there are a couple of things I know of that can cause a signal 11 error.

1. There were network problems (lost communications to the internet or other such issues) and BOINC gets a signal 11 error. Not much you can do about that one. Happened to me a couple of days ago and I had 3 jobs error out. If this is the cause, you should be able to look at the "Event Log" and see the network error messages.

2. When Linux gets busy doing something else and BOINC doesn't get any CPU cycles for a while, BOINC can get a signal 11 and error out the task. The recommended solution for that one is to go into your "Computing preferences" under "Your account". In the section for "Processor Usage" there is a parameter for "Suspend work when NON-BOINC CPU usage is above" and set that to 35%. That is the way my profile is set and I haven't had any of those errors in a while.

Hope that helps,
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Posted 7 Mar 2013 by captainjack
Yep, that's a known problem with Linux.

I've had my Ubuntu machines get that error when there was an internet connection problem. Windows machines would continue to work just fine.

The BOINC people know about it and the WCG team knows about it.

AFAIK, we are still waiting for a fix.

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