1) Questions and Answers : Windows : lhc@home causes windows interactivity to blink (Message 8411)
Posted 12 Jul 2005 by crillion
I noticed recently that lhc@home workunits tend to make windows' interface blink. I have Boinc Manager 4.45 on a laptop Dell Inspiron 510m, with Windows XP professional Service Pack 2. Sometimes, at short intervals (about 1s) it freezes and returns normal. This doesn't happen always, and most of the time everything seems to be normal. When these things happen, I decided to abort the workunits, just to prevent my pc from crashing or freezing completely at work. This problem doesn't manifest with the other projects, SETI@home, climateprediction, einstein@home, proteinpredictor@home. All my projects APART FROM lhc@home, are under Thread Master, suggested on the SETI / BOINC site. I have lhc@home and the other projects also on my home pc, a more powerful intel pentium 4, 3.6 ghz. There I haven't installed threadmaster. There I get no problem at all.

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