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Posted 11 Nov 2012 by Profile Sun Badger*
I enjoy immensely crunching for you, and as I am a science nerd your group is doing all kinds of "neat stuff" I must return my wu back because my team is in a contest Pulsar rage" at Einstein.I would rather crunch for LHC but teamwork is greater than I am. Just a part but...well, I will be back son. You guys are doing great work! SunBadger*
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Posted 16 Aug 2012 by Profile Sun Badger*
All this about credits, hours, wu per hour or day, are the credits lacking? This misses the point of what I am doing with
particle physics at CERN in a very small but important part for the future of mankind. The mere proximity to CERN is a gift that outweighs anything material. Like a baryon feast we are invited to this historical undertaking,that is monumental in size. This project represents our epochs Great Pyramid with the work of hundred of thousands. We are allowed to participate in this science; with mystical suggestions,this a study on particles making up various parts of atoms. This is historic work and we get to participate in it. In the scheme of things, the importance is in moving mankind forward into new realms. Star Trek has nothing to compare, "to discover new worlds" we are there. We are making a future that will enable humans to a greater understanding ofthe workings of the universe. Such a gargantuan undertaking dwarfs my everyday life. I drift between everyday thoughts; sex, a stripper party; and suddenly I hanging out in the hood with Gamma busters, Higgs bosons, a beginning universe. I am floating away thinking of particles. What an awesome transition to be able to take, anytime. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I can be alive at a moment in which discoveries are being made that will influence the human race now and in the distant future.
I did help a little, something to help it happen to understand another side of the universe, that of the very small.
Puck huck the credits, let me be part of this, this is important to me. Credits?!???!! I am lucky to have an opportunity
such as this!
3) Questions and Answers : Sixtrack : Why with 685 LHC total credits, .09 a day given User of the day (Message 24403)
Posted 21 Jul 2012 by Profile Sun Badger*
Why with 685 LHC total credits is Moon recognized as
"User Of the Day with a Daliy average is .09 a day given User of the day? There are seemingly a lot of other crunchers who have given much more to the project and seem to be better candidates.I fail to understand the citeria.
4) Questions and Answers : Sixtrack : no work (Message 24402)
Posted 21 Jul 2012 by Profile Sun Badger*
5) Questions and Answers : Sixtrack : no work (Message 24252)
Posted 11 Jul 2012 by Profile Sun Badger*
A Ton of failed downloads, why

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