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Posted 21 Jul 2015 by Profile [AF>France>Bourgogne]Patouchon
of course we don't say it's Eric' fault. just want to know what happens and we wait a bit.
is it because someone has not payed the electriciy bill? :D

Nous n'avons jamais dit que c'était la faute d'Eric. nous voudrions juste savoir ce qui se passe et nous attendrons.
Est-ce parce que quelqu'un a oublié de payer la facture d’électricité? :D
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Posted 11 Jul 2015 by Profile [AF>France>Bourgogne]Patouchon
je n'arrive pas à avoir de travail depuis environ le 26 juin, mais je vois que le nombre de Wus est très petit ces jour-ci. on veut du travail, on veut du travail!
i can't get work these days, and specialy from the 26th of june. i can se than the amount of wus is low those days. we want work, we want work !

greatings to everybody
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Posted 28 Feb 2010 by Profile [AF>France>Bourgogne]Patouchon
i got 2 wus 2 days ago. the return of LHC ?
i was waiting for monthes !
i\'m not afraid of black hole i live at 125 miles from the collider, lol !
4) Message boards : LHC@home Science : New Tasks? Yes or No !! (Message 20700)
Posted 27 Oct 2008 by Profile [AF>France>Bourgogne]Patouchon
there\\\'s no work very often, when will the LHC work full range ?
i want to be the first to find the \\\"boson\\\" lol

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