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Posted 24 Nov 2011 by Jnargus
I am one of Bartonn's wingmen. I sent a PM to one of the project admins and got a message back from him saying that he was the right person to send such a message to but that he was busy and would look into it when he had time.

In the meantime I am reluctant to call Bartonn a cheater without some kind of an investigation. His behavior as described above is not consistent with a real cheater and only 4 WU's were affected. The erroneous credit should be corrected as soon as possible but we should make sure malicious cheating was done before accusing anyone of cheating. (I'm from Canada where we believe in innocent until proven guilty.) His CPU time appears to be 10,000 times higher than it should and could be due to a bug in the credit code or cheating. I don't have any way of determining which and am willing to leave it up to the project admins to correct.

If there is a second machine exhibiting the same behavior now then maybe there is a code problem.
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Posted 31 Jan 2011 by Jnargus
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Please note: this project rarely has work (Message 22672)
Posted 27 Jan 2011 by Jnargus
Well, kamaradski,

There will be work, yes. Most probably there will not be enough work to keep all computers running 24/24 at any moment.

My suggestion: also join some other project on Boinc where you see non-stop work coming from. That way you can keep your processors happily running non-stop.

For suggestions, you can click on the name of anyone here in the message boards, or do a quick google ;)

I am running Einstein@home which is now also searching for pulsars besides gravitational waves,QMC@home doing computer chemistry, AQUA@home simulating a quantum computer, climateprediction.net running climate models on vert long deadlines, and, yes, SETI@home which started all this and has very lively forums.

I would add Cosmology@home, MilkyWay@home and Spinhenge@home to Tullio\\\'s list. I prefer the physics related projects but do work on some others as well. The EDGeS@home and World Community Grid are umbrella projects that have sub-projects of their own. I haven\\\'t been getting a lot of credit from EDGeS. I also work on WUprop@home because I like stats and that\\\'s what this project does. WUprop also does not hand out lots of credit but it is a low CPU usage project so doesn\\\'t take processing time away from the science projects.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : A lot of WU\\\'s but not to get (Message 22655)
Posted 4 Jan 2011 by Jnargus
Well the new year starts goor for LHC crunchers, as some WU\\\'s where distributed. I got 2 today.

I wasn\'t sure what your \"goor\" misspelling was meant to be because both \"good\" and \"poor\" make sense to some LHC crunchers. Maybe its a new word meaning both good and poor at the same time :-)

For it is definitely poor because I have not gotten any WUs so far this year and the last ones I got last year were all 5 sec WU\'s giving me .05 credits each :-(
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Waiting on Linux App (Message 22635)
Posted 1 Dec 2010 by Jnargus
I must admit it does seem odd to want a Linux app for a project that does not have much work. But now is the best time to put one together and get it working. That way when LHC does have some work to do the Linux crunchers won\'t be left behind. Developing a GPU app would be nice as well but the same problem still exists; does it run on Linux or Windows?
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Posted 9 Aug 2010 by Jnargus
Any word on the status of a linux app yet?
7) Message boards : Number crunching : 10 second work unit (Strange Quirks - Not Quarks) (Message 22455)
Posted 9 Aug 2010 by Jnargus
I too have gotten some recent work this month for the one windows box I am running and all finished in between 13 and 14 seconds giving me a grant total of 0.02 credits each. I have two in progress which hopefully will take a little longer to finish giving me maybe one or two whole credits :-)

Maybe all these new WUs are wall crashers because I don\'t think many have gotten huge credit for any of these recently.

I just like the fact that more WUs are rolling out again.


P.S. As reported in a different thread I too am waiting for the Linux app.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation error (Message 22209)
Posted 6 Apr 2010 by Jnargus
I\'m sorry you feel this way DGG. But you are entitled to your opinion. I for one am not strictly in it for the credit. I want to see science done and if I can help in any small way I will. For me the screen saver is a waste of CPU and memory resources and has never been a reason for me to join any of the projects I am working on. For me the biggest thing is getting a working Linux app going so that more of my machines can do work and if that means the screen saver problem gets pushed to the back burner so be it. There are lots of pretty screen savers out there if that\'s all you want.

I have not looked at the user stats in detail but I would think that like a lot of group projects 90% of the people have done 10% of the work and 10% of the people have done 90% of the work. Of that top 10% I would imagine that most if not more than 90% don\'t use the screen saver and don\'t care about it as it does not contribute to the science. There are a number of BOINCers that are doing this strictly for the credits and don\'t care about the science either but at least they are doing the work.

From what I have read in these forums this project is on very shaky ground and could be shutdown at any time. The fact that we have any progress at all right now is encouraging. I just hope they can find the time to get the Linux app working. It also sounds promising that the LHC will be shut down again in a couple of years for upgrades and repairs as that means that they will have a need (hopefully) for our CPU cycles to guide the work being done and evaluate different options for the upgrades.

Volunteering is, most of the time, a thankless job. I spent 11 years running a Contra dance series in Ottawa on my own before I got seriously thanked by the community and only after I was getting ready to get out of organizing and handing it off to a committee. Here at LHC The \"one retired physicist, and two unpaid volunteers\" deserve our respect and gratitude for doing as much as they have, not our scorn for not doing things as fast as we want or the way we want. And us as volunteers should not expect to get any recognition for our time spent and dollars (euros, dinars, yens or whatever you spend) spent working on the projects we work on other than the credits each project assigns. The project does not owe us anything and it is not our place to demand that they do.

The nature of BOINC is that there are multiple projects doing interesting science, math, biological and health related work and you can work on as many or a few as you want. That way if one does not have any work you can always do something for another project and keep your system(s) busy. I will continue to attach to projects I find scientifically interesting and work on any project that gives me WUs to work on.

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