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Posted 13 Sep 2008 by Bryan


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Posted 13 Sep 2008 by Bryan
im almost a little sad how little interest the average person has in science. Most people don\\\'t realize that the things they have grown to love in one way shape or form come from scientific research. People just dont care!

I\\\'m really shocked how the LHC has gotten the attention it has, opening the eyes of many. Though there are so many others with eyelids glued shut, I really feel like this was a giant leap for mankind.

thanks to all those who made the LHC possible.
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : LHC on nVidia GPUs (Message 20308)
Posted 13 Sep 2008 by Bryan

I\\\\\\\'m running an Intel Q9300 at 3.5ghz, Vista 64 with 8gb of DDR3, and dual nVidia GTX280s in SLI.

I understand these preform very well in the Folding@Home realm, has anyone managed to get a LHC@home client functional on GPUs?


first off, I dont know....

ive been looking for some time now. its obvious that GPU far surpass CPU when it comes to number crunching. Without buying a CUDA we\'ll just need to wait for AMD\'s Shanghai.
I hope a software upgrade comes soon!

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