1) Message boards : Number crunching : out of work ... for a long time ? (Message 9555)
Posted 22 Aug 2005 by ric
<blockquote>The person that normally submits jobs is on vacation until the 25th of august so we may not have work until then.


Could that person interrupt his/her vacation or terminate it, just to come here and prepare the next work, please?

It's just a question, might some more persons would support this wish too.

Is the assumption correct, in a few days (not weeks or even month)
there will be a chance for new work?

2) Message boards : Number crunching : only 10 k WU's left (Message 9479)
Posted 19 Aug 2005 by ric
thanks to Ben and Chrulle for this breefing.

It's just the way it runs, I do accept the operating rules.

At least from my side, many "thankyou" for the long long long ongoing
availability of work for weeks if not months.

It's still a pleasure to support LHC and let's wait patiently with pleasure until next work will be distributed again.

It was and it is still a good/great time, to be here.

good luck to the project;-)


3) Message boards : Number crunching : New server specs? (Message 8954)
Posted 26 Jul 2005 by ric
prehistoric dinosaur you are!!!

You better should ask if a proton could be faster than light speed ?

When you get the answer, then ur ready for mp3...

4) Message boards : Number crunching : only 10 k WU's left (Message 8748)
Posted 20 Jul 2005 by ric
> I like this project.


It's the same like nearly everywhere.

U got Work, U crunch it and return it back.

And the loop never ends.

Just the screensaver and the labeling changes. And the processing times.

Do you want to crunch until christmas?


(I like LHC because it's a "local" play/home run, whenever there would be problems, I can printout the results and have a "walk" to LHC to bring the results back myself.. so far this project runs really well. The only serious problem to be talked about (IMHO), at least in the past, they suffered from the error of no work)

(so many messages without a synergy stats? Let's change it)

5) Message boards : Number crunching : only 10 k WU's left (Message 8713)
Posted 19 Jul 2005 by ric
Up, 1012 workunits to crunch
33 concurrent connections


Level completed. Next mission please.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : Bug in the credit assignment? (Message 8596)
Posted 16 Jul 2005 by ric
..because this project is a scientifice based project;---)

I guess, a valid result in match is more usuable to the Wissenschaft as
a result "differing" to much.

The base of this project is not like scanning something already done, like at SETI or Einstein (analysing prerecorded Datas), no, here the experiments are "generated" and the client is calculating this.

Just look at sztaki, the times there are crazy too:)

So far my understanding, perhaps not correct.

The message is, the runtime of a WU can be in a small time toleranz differing not much in time, depending the experiment, it also can finished in a much shorter time.

This will also have an influence to the "credit" calculation.

It looks like, you have spend to much time at SETI (*G*)...

Enjoy the ride "as it is" and crunch whatever you can and get

auf die Dauer hilft nur Power..

7) Message boards : Number crunching : LHC Wish List (Message 8404)
Posted 11 Jul 2005 by ric

Would it be possible to use smaller WU naming?

11.07.2005 23:46:14|LHC@home|Starting result wjun1B_v6s4hvnom_mqx__6__64.27_59.28__4_6__6__25_1_sixvf_boinc7146_1 using sixtrack version 4.67

when using a GUI, it takes nearly the double space as WU naming from other projects.
It's not so important but would be nice

the long names also uses much more "space" in the various logs

8) Message boards : Number crunching : only 10 k WU's left (Message 8372)
Posted 10 Jul 2005 by ric
> Very depressing ... so many computers here at home are going to have terrible
> withdrawal pains ... I want my LHC! I want my LHC! I want my LHC!
> Hmmm ... LHC is like THC ... I wonder .....
It's a luck, that your daughters are not reading this.. they would put you immediately to a clinic treatement, a clinic WITHOUT any PCs and Macs and nix.

The nurses will not understand why a educated human can pass so much time to
"download" crunch and "upload". And it begins. "endless"

I think, we can not only be sad, because all the "work" is done in a few hour..
Please include also, we have done a lot of work from this project.

Every season offers it's favorites "doing", snowboarding in summer is more difficult as in winter time. In winter time, it's not so comfortable to wear t-shirts and so on.

Enjoy the "last" work for now and let's wait for the next "big load"..
(whatever this means..)

There are so many projects "outside", all of them are waiting for cpu times
Sometimes it's not easy to keep the overview.

One afther the other could be the description of "successfully doing le boinc";-)

don't be sad, be happy to get something what ever from..

(I like the math based projects and project driven by european and work units starting and finishing the same day)

happy crunching!

Thanks to the LHC stuff, giving us from time to time a WU to crunch or two of them....

Up, 6940 workunits to crunch
9) Message boards : Number crunching : new work is here!!!! (Message 8323)
Posted 6 Jul 2005 by ric
How many work are we doing per average day?

I guess, perhaps wrong, it's in the region of 6000 WUs per day, time variations excluded.

Dear readers, in 10 days is worked out, it's drained/backen/empty/done again, nothing more to download.

we will see it happen...:(

Why do you crunch so much? Can't you use less attached clients?
10) Message boards : Number crunching : The Great LHC Hold-Up (Message 8322)
Posted 6 Jul 2005 by ric
> ...start the monthly BOINC is not as good as classic because ...

Hm really?

I see some difficulties to do LHC work with the "seti@classic client" ;)

Boinc is basically not as bad as "some" people want to make believe us.

There is more than only good or bad..

It would be interesting to turn the cow and list why "boinc" is "better" overall seen.

11) Message boards : Number crunching : sugestion for downloading BOINC from LHC website (Message 8301)
Posted 4 Jul 2005 by ric
> There's one big feature still missing in the new BOINC installers: The ability
> to update an existing installation!
> I tried to update my v4.19 with the new v4.45, but the installer refused to
> work telling me I have to uninstall any prior versions before. :-(
> This is quite worse, because at least one workunit (or as many as your client
> has donwloaded for processing) is lost!
> Has anyone yet thought about this at LHC?

It's there. it's there.
First deinstall the boinc client, the work and the major XML files are kept.

Then install the more recent boinc client, the work is still there, the client is doing it's benchmark and will continue with the work without lost. This can be done in middle of a processing work.

It took a while until the client was "able" to do this, but since several boinc client releases, this is solved.

Just be sure to install it to the same directory.

BTW the well known acrobat reader had the same problem, ealier versions didn't
deinstall the already installed version, it has to be done by customer.

Perhaps wrong, but the project (LHC) should just be able to USE the client, not to figure out what release is working "propper".

At least that's the theory behind a level oriented programming;)

Boinc client and the project application should be seperated...
good luck!

12) Message boards : Number crunching : new work is here!!!! (Message 8286)
Posted 2 Jul 2005 by ric
Up, 98227 workunits to crunch

less than 100k

slowly slowly going down :(

I "predict" in 14 Days or less, the work will be done..

Happy Crunching
13) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Project Server Error report CPU details (Message 8274)
Posted 2 Jul 2005 by ric
outside of the boinc client, there is the OS like XP, w2k, w3 configuring the cpu cache size while installation...

could you take a look to a certain registery entry, please?

open regedit

in the section



System\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Session Manager\\Memory Management

there must be a reg_dword entry

called SecondLevelDataCache

What's the value there?

Is it 0??

the default value is "0". This would mean, *your* system are set to DEFAULT of 256 k.


the client state reports the propper value of
<m_cache>1000000.000000</m_cache> =1 MB

anyway didn't saw a *huge* difference in crunching time.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Project Server Error report CPU details (Message 8273)
Posted 2 Jul 2005 by ric
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Merging computers don't work anymore :( (Message 8257)
Posted 1 Jul 2005 by ric
please include to the list of "host generator" additionally this:

-when a (m$) client get's a service pack/product upgrade(sw) installed, it generates a new entry.

-same host but mutliboot setup (w2k and XP for example) --> new entry;)

-a BIOS update can return a new/other processor labeling, for example from Athlon to Athlon XP --> new entry

hard to believe but true:
OC. Is for example, an athlon 2500 oc to "more", the bios cpu detection returns an other value (xp 3200) instead the value given while running at regular speed (xp 2500).

Be carefully with deleting "hosts". One day I did it and the host went away, the total credits where reduced by the number of the deleted host.

earlier clients did readout the registery, while doing the strcpy, it was done without truncating (taking the "spaces" " " away).

16) Message boards : Number crunching : new work is here!!!! (Message 8216)
Posted 29 Jun 2005 by ric
are you happy now?

17) Message boards : Number crunching : we're not resigning!!!! (Message 8183)
Posted 27 Jun 2005 by ric
You mean LHC alpha side?
there is no scheduler working:(

The seti beta is in a conflict with the public project;)

Don't tell it to anybody,
but burp is offering work NOW!!

you are right, normal water is still the best.

The avatar? Well using prereleased beta versions of boinc clients;)
18) Message boards : Number crunching : we're not resigning!!!! (Message 8181)
Posted 27 Jun 2005 by ric

> Viva Las...:-)
Viva Las WHAT??

One of the client is getting some computation errors.
might it's to hot here or the "problems" are siling from one project to another.

There is no reason to detach.
It looks much better to have nothing to do from several projects instead to have nothing to do from just one project.

Perhaps it's more relaxed, to let run the clients without watching them to close, just one time a week to see if they are still alive:)

Let's take the cold beer outside in a loverly Biergarten...
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Looks like they broke it (Message 8142)
Posted 20 Jun 2005 by ric
thanks for keeping us informed !

What can happen, can happen. M-laws everywhere

Nothing bad, it's just the way it is.

Project is still beta..

further good luck

20) Message boards : Number crunching : Looks like they broke it (Message 8139)
Posted 20 Jun 2005 by ric
> All these short WU's seem to have overloaded or corrupted the results server.
> Really weird looking at results.
> Hey all my pending disappeared!

yes also my pending went down.

It this run a DB correction run?

without science work,only for fix the "open" results?


as "granted credits" getting this



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