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Posted 30 Sep 2009 by Chris Marion
>>> I would like to join this team, but have been unable to find the \"join\" link on the team page.


Never mind! The \"join\" link showed up the last time I checked, and I have joined! May have been a data base or display problem.

Happy to hear that you joined the team on this projects also.

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Posted 4 Sep 2008 by Chris Marion
I just started running this program about 2 months ago and set up a team and team website. I have been interested in space and what may be out there since I was a little kid. I know it\\\'s a long shot, but if you are interested in joining a team please give mine a look. Team or no team, it doesn\\\'t matter because we are all looking for the same thing. I chose to start my own team to see if I could build a great one and I also like starting at the bottom and seeing what I can achieve
Why join a team? A Team is a group of like-minded people that have formed a group that does the scientific processing as a collective instead of just individuals. The Team will have an identity, usually a Web Site, and assist other members in making their systems productive, have discussion groups, etc. One of the key features is that as a group they stand a greater chance to play a role in the creation of statistics of processing that will make them stand out from the crowd. Besides it is more fun to be part of group and socialize with your friends.
Join here

Team Website here

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