1) Questions and Answers : Windows : FPU usage and Graphic question (Message 19494)
Posted 19 Apr 2008 by wyx087
Hi, im new to this @home thing. and i saw on another thread about FPU is what's being used.

to my understanding, CPU's FPU is no where near as good as a GPU's FPU. if i remember correctly, my Q6600 at 3.3Ghz only have a few MFLOPs while my 8800GTX have more than 500 MFLOPs.
so, is there any plan of using Cg to make nVidia graphics cards to help your calculations?

i discovered this website while researching for a university essay (about LHC, including how it confines particle, and how it accelerates particles) can i ask what exactly does the graphics show?
can you give me some basic numerical analysis on how LHC accelerates and confines the particle?

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