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Message 4370 - Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 10:22:12 UTC

Windows and Linux clients crash now and then, showing some fortran error message. We are investigating the matter

I get that error everytime my computer goes from "suspending computer and network use - user is active" state to

"Resuming computation and network activity" state

I leave my BO´┐ŻNC GUI window open and it seems the application is trying to automatically go to the "Messages" tab.

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Message 4455 - Posted: 27 Oct 2004, 8:28:32 UTC

If it assists you I started getting this message after I had installed Windows XP SP 2 and the machine started to blue screen. With Microsofts help it was traced to an old video driver which was updated. Since then the fortran error messages have appeared .... exception_access_violation followed by the error count and acknowledgement box.
Good luck fixing the bug.
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Message 4548 - Posted: 28 Oct 2004, 10:41:46 UTC


BOINC will automatically switch to the Message tab when it has a new message, one you haven't seen yet. Close your BOINC window, or, at the least, leave the Project or Message tab active. These tabes don't slow the system down very much because they are not updated as often as the Work or Disk tabs are.

I'm curious, why do you have it set to work only when the machine is inactive? Your problem seems to occur when Boinc resumes computation. Both of your machines have a faster clock rate than mine (1.7 GHz AMD Athlon XP 3100+ and Win98SE) and I allow BOINC to run constantly, without noticable effect on the other apps I run. I primarily use Word, Excel, Photoshop Elements 2, and Firefox, although not all at the same time. I also have the Wacom tablet driver, my firewall, a multi-time zoone clock, my antivirus, a memory defrager, BoincLogX, and the usual system junk running in the system tray, in addition to BOINC. Oh, yes, I just started running Dr. Watson also, it caught one LHC FUBAR today. (I was just testing. I don't recommend trying to display the LHC graphics; there is still a major bug there.)


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Questions and Answers : Windows : Fortran error

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