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Guido Alexander Waldenmeier

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Message 3688 - Posted: 12 Oct 2004, 17:12:51 UTC
Last modified: 12 Oct 2004, 17:13:27 UTC

we were to create a new operating system and user interface knowing what we know today, how far could we go? What kinds of decisions would we make that we might have been unable to even consider 20 or 30 years ago, when the current set of operating systems were first created?

...we could collaborate with one another in an online dimension to create or simulate anything we wanted to?

...we had the robustness of a 3D immersive technology, the diversity of the Internet, and the degree of social interaction we have in the real world?
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Profile BowersNet

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Message 3750 - Posted: 13 Oct 2004, 17:00:23 UTC

Hum, this is such a hard subject, trying to imagine what "could be"

But then, we look at how the o/s exists today, and why it exists in that form. You have to look at the past of the o/s to work out why its become what it is, you then find it started off as something which the user could understand if it existed in a "real" plane. By this i mean if you took the O/S and crafted it in teh "real" world then it would look something like a office, with many many storage places.

If we were to create one today, i would imagine it to be a strange mix between a shop and a libary.. One part (the shop) containing methods to access all the hardware i control, and the libary to hold what would be concidered to be the internet.

Still hurting my brain now.
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