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Message 2965 - Posted: 1 Oct 2004, 9:37:06 UTC

"The plan for the CERN50th challenge, subject to successful alpha and beta phase testing, is to launch LHC@home publicly before the 29th of September, which is CERN's official birthday .

The goal for the challenge is to get many thousands of people to join LHC@home, and to run for at least 50 days!

CERN will be sending prize T-shirts to "users of the week", and a special prize ("Infinitely CERN") will go to a lucky participant in the challenge, drawn at random from the full participant list on Thursday November 18th.

Plans to continue running LHC@home beyond this special anniversary challenge will be reviewed based on CERN's initial experience. If all goes well, the hope is to make this a permanent feature of CERN's computing infrastructure."

So we have at least 50 days to run Sixtrack, after that it's "to be decided".
I just want to know....

when do we get our t-shirts? ;)

(I think we've all been "users of the moments")

Lol.. just kidding guys

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Guido Alexander Waldenmeier

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Message 2976 - Posted: 1 Oct 2004, 12:39:55 UTC

At the countryside the boys have allways XXL ;-)))
feel free to visit

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