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Eric Mcintosh
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Message 44571 - Posted: 27 Mar 2021, 15:20:30 UTC

How can I figure out the total resources provided by BOINC
for SixTrack? and/or to CERN in general.
Thanks. Eric
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Message 44572 - Posted: 27 Mar 2021, 15:24:57 UTC - in response to Message 44571.  

Maybe this can help:

Here you can see how many GFLOPS are provided by BOINC-Users.
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Harri Liljeroos

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Message 44573 - Posted: 27 Mar 2021, 16:04:41 UTC

Server status page gives you the numbers of users and computers.
External stats sites give more detailed picture but there you can see only those users and computers who have given their consent to export their info.
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Message 44580 - Posted: 28 Mar 2021, 6:59:53 UTC
Last modified: 28 Mar 2021, 7:00:35 UTC

Hello Eric,

I have been watching Sixtrack all the time lately including the server page and can see who is and how many are running lately here

This year I have mainly been running Sixtracks here (and VB over at -dev)
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