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Message 42907 - Posted: 23 Jun 2020, 13:00:30 UTC
Last modified: 23 Jun 2020, 13:01:09 UTC

Seriously??? Is this how Europeans talk to children???
Why does CERN allow the use of other vulgar terms like:
FUBAR = Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
WTF = What the Fuck

The First Rule of BOINC is right there on the left side:
"Posts must be 'kid friendly': they may not contain content that is obscene, hate-related, sexually explicit or suggestive."

CERN please make LHC BOINC family friendly.
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Message 42908 - Posted: 24 Jun 2020, 7:55:14 UTC

And yet it is still here.

our mods are not known to be very fast with things like this
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Message 43033 - Posted: 11 Jul 2020, 19:27:01 UTC - in response to Message 42908.  
Last modified: 13 Jul 2020, 7:57:44 UTC

First of all I have edited the title. I understand the complaint but please don't do the same thing that is being complained about.

As far as I understand LHC@home uses BOINC-wide teams so this is a BOINC-wide issue. The following page which may or may not be outdated says to contact David Anderson directly regarding disputes over team names, so I would suggest that the complaint is raised directly with him. I have sent a polite message to the team founder who I hope will change the name. I will also be raising this at the next BOINC phone conference to understand the procedure in more detail.
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Message boards : Team invites : SETI F@#!$&^ Team - Italians do it better

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