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Message 41915 - Posted: 15 Mar 2020, 20:08:45 UTC
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Argon and Oak #Future strong HPC

Argon labs HPC Pack configuration plan, I saw you used the HPC pack configuration & this in no name/shame game; This is big!

HPC Pack : The dream dynamic: Dynamic connect.

Argo laboratory and Oak Ridge are moving the mass,
Future study & dynamics research: The future is ours

Dynamically connecting the universities of the free world & capital to CERN & Cloudflares massive infrastructure potential.

Dynamic Argon, LittOaka - Dynamic, Legit, The Edge(tm)

HPC Pack install guide : Science,Server & Web : (c)RS


The point of this document is to make installing and managing HPC High Performance Computation possible,

To be clear A person or organisation that wishes to have high performance cloud nodes with docker..
Have the capacity to install Microsoft HPC pack & Docker, The configuration settings are at the top,
In the lower half are the docker VM's you can potentially use to University,Gamer & Corporate advantage.

Clearly the bat files make install easier than running individual commands one by one..
Both the bat files and the commands are in the document,
The work in this document took months & hereby is offered to the research community.

Firstly HPC pack should be installed on windows; However the docker configuration works on Linux..
However you have to first install Docker on for example Ubuntu,

Of-course the main server for Microsoft HPC pack needs to be windows (Preferably Server 2008/2016/2018),

Nodes can be Windows 7 to 10 & Server 2008 to 2018 & Linux (Mainly REDHAT,CentOS,Ubuntu,SuSE)

Personally CentOS rocks for servers, Ubuntu has professional server configurations & lots of options,RedHAT is the main line of secure server that registers all security & tests all.

In my experience RedHAT offers large corporation support; As do Ubuntu & CentOS & Obviously Microsoft offers full confidence.



Node configuration guidelines:

Head node,Workstation/Server

Nodes (potentially 2+)

Cloud nodes (potentially limitless)

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