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Message 41575 - Posted: 14 Feb 2020, 18:11:39 UTC - in response to Message 41565.  

I would probably have a few hours every day to use for something else if I didn't have to wait several minutes for pages to load and data to be sent/received over and over.
Even just to delete spam from an email account wastes plenty of time per day.

I have a satellite dish to send and receive everything and the not so funny part is it is really fast for about 4 hours on the first day of a new month and that is all it takes for Cern to make my monthly high-speed disappear.

Now I could pay for the highest priced package ($150 per) I would get 5 times as much data to send and receive and wouldn't run out until maybe 20 hours of the first day of each month (that would be something you do when you have money to burn)

Why is this?

Well they are the typical crooks who want the most customers as possible with the least amount of actual data running through their satellites and servers on the ground instead of just giving us the high-speed they have the entire month no matter what the customer is doing.

And in my case it is just for Cern (and as far as Einstein GPU's they don't need the ethernet plugged in while they run so that doesn't even amount to much doing the send/receive)

Quantum computing and newer and faster processors and stacks of ram sound great BUT even after over 20+ years on the WWW we still can not get a decent internet connection where they would NEVER throttle your speed down to almost a 1995 dialup.

Hell we have so many satellites in space above us doing everything we can come up with except when it comes to unlimited high-speed internet.....unless you just spend all day texting on a cell phone ( I will never own one)

Funny thing is I used to own a electronics company from 1983 until 1995 and microwave communications engineering and I have had endless video on a satellite dish since 1982 and I sure don't get throttled down for watching too much tv AND the monthly charge is pretty much the same as this satellite internet connection.
I know some microwave communication people try using a VPN to hide from that *throttle* but it doesn't do much and WAN is a new thing with satellite internet (about 5 years ago it was just government and now business can use them and I am basically retired so I won't be paying for the business version of microwave WAN).......and then there is the good old *squid* and his *penguin* friend

But then I suppose the WWW is just too busy sending junk mail and goofy texting and all those other goofy things most humans spend all day doing that made clowns rich for coming up with things with goofy names (facebook and twittering and tweeting away all day as they trip over the cracks in the sidewalk while those who actually need that high-speed -non-stop WWW end up with

So the best thing I do here is I burn up that first 4 hours and then between 2am and 8am I get another 50GB of high-speed "bonus" as they call it.
So then I will start up all the cores on a VB task about 90 minutes before 8am and they will all start running and at 8:01 the connection gets throttled down but it doesn't matter and if they are all CMS they should run for 18 hours and I send them back since high speed doesn't matter until I start the next batch at 6:30am and off they go again I type this and check my junk mail......and when I do it just right it will work for another 15 days at high speed (so I hope to get Sixtracks to take care of the rest of the month)

I guess I could move to Seattle and get cable or fiber connection........not a chance in Mercury will I ever do that

Ok it looks like all my cores are still running here so......and I don't feel like checking for typos this time.
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